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Why do I Work so Hard?

And Oh! I did work hard. At home and At work.  I gave it my all every time I went to work. And being a nurse I needed to be. When you are in the hospital that the last thing you need is a nurse that is just going through the paces until he or she can go home. Tired as _ell. I worked the evening shift. I would work until 11 pm. Go get my little girls out of the nice warm bed they were in, take them out to usually a cold car.[ I live in MN] and take them home.

It would take me until 2 am to unwind and get some sleep. Just to get up and get the girls off to school by 7am. I would go back to bed for a nap. then get up and start my day all over again.  I had Chrohns Disease and wished I could work days. But because of my loose stools, I’d be spending my time at work in the bathroom, if I could get there in time. So I would not eat anything all morning or half the day. Then I when to work. I was fine if I didn’t eat supper. so I waited until I got home. Which is terrible for weight gain. I gained a lot of weight in those years.

I always dreamed of working at home. I loved woodworking. So I set up a shop in a shed. I outgrew that and built a 20X36 wood shop with a lean-to on 1 side. Put in dust collectors because pine and cedar dust killed my sinuses. Two-thirds of it was wood shop then, in the end, I had a clean room. An area to stain or paint that wasn’t full of dust and shavings. I bought my wood direct from the mill and I would plane it myself. I made plenty of small things.

Then I started to work for a guy in the cities. He was a landscaper. He would have to take down old gray fences and put up nice wood ones for folks down there. He would take the nails out and I would go about once a week pick up a load of wood and bring it home. I would make out of it whatever he wanted. He usually had 1 to take apart for a pattern. I was still working as a nurse 4 days a week and doing this in my spare time and raising my 2 sweet girls. I made small sleighs and Christmas trees before Christmas time. And make mostly birdhouse benches towards spring. I made enough money to pay for my nice big shop. It doesn’t look like much from outside but inside the time flew by and a body got dirty. But some pretty sweet things came out.

I worked for him for about a year and a half. But It took an entire day out of my week to go get the lumber and make a delivery. and the craft fairs really took time too. A day or 2 a month being exposed to the wind and rain. And ultimately something would get broken. And nobody up in rural MN had a dime and so there wasn’t much for selling. Mostly Ladies coming to get their next craft project in mind. It kinda fizzled out. He was tired of fences. I was tired of making something out of nothing. About 50% of the wood was rotten. That is why they wanted the fence took down to begin with.

I still wanted to work from home on my own biological bathroom time. We had a computer at that time. I was remarried. He made low wages. He was trained in Los Vegas as a slot machine repairman. But so cute and charming. lol. Ask me now 28 years later. We met I was working evenings at the nursing home, Supervisor. It was a good home and had 113 beds. A good sized place for a small town. And I always loved old people. So did my parents. My staff was great, I could really depend on them to do it right. On occasion, one would need a reminder I was still around and watching. But never anything terrible with staff. Unless it was flu season. And staff, as well as grandpa and grandma’s, were sick.

There was never anything I could do from home. Everything was a farce. Suck up money, or just plain lies.  I decided one day to try something I saw online. I had sat and looked at the web page. Then walked away. And a couple times more when it was a stressed filled day and my back just couldn’t take it anymore. So I gave it a try. Well, it too was a money-grubbing scam. couldn’t work until you paid for a year up front. then there wasn’t any help when I needed it. No response to my emails. Nearly a nightmare. I already had a domain name. But I needed a place to host it. But I was very nervous about it now. And I looked at a few and finally came across this,>banner

The name of my future. Wealthy Affiliate helped me. I couldn’t keep my domain name because of the other company won’t release it until my 1 year paid hosting with them is done. So I bought another through Wealthy Affiliate, they are really reasonable. And I had made up my mind I was going to work from home. And earn money.

You really get to work for an entire week for free and to try it out. All the classes are there. Plenty of community, please to ask questions. I am able to get directed to any special training I personally need. And still, do months later. Because at my retirement age, I have a lot of cobwebs in the old attic. To learn something new. I am like addicted to it. I have always had to be doing something. Couldn’t just sit and watch TV as some folks can. I don’t have anything saved for retirement. Shortly after I got married my husband became ill with his heart. And 26 years after his first heart attack, he is still here and challenging the Doc’s at Abbott on how to keep him going. He is on the transplant list and has an LVAD in. He sleeps a lot and I do this all the time. I spend hours doing it but I really feel it will pay off someday soon.

Why don’t you give it a try if you are needing retirement money and don’t have any, start now? Social Security is not half as much of what you need. And that is to just get by.

At first, you are in for free. Then you can pay by the month, 6 months or for a year. If you pay more you save some money. But if you are scared, pay by the month. But I think after the first week, you are going to want to, really want to do it. Be your OWN BOSS!

You have any questions ask me I am at I am just a plain person like everybody else. Raised on a farm. Sixteen miles from the nearest town. Well,  Maybe Not Just like you all. But not fancy, haven’t been to school for any web training, never had a computer class, I learned most all I know about computers from my daughter. Sound familiar? Leave questions right down there and share me with the social places. Then they will know I am here. Thanks for everything in advance, Laura G

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3 thoughts on “Why do I Work so Hard?

  1. I have worked very hard in my life as well, and I am still working! I would love to move to the countryside but I don’t have a house there and neither money to buy one.

    So, I have decided to give this Wealthy Affiliate a try and see where it takes me, hopefully, I’ll manage to gather up some money, buy a small country house and work for myself online as well.

    How is Wealthy Affiliate working out for you until that point?

    1. Well, I work at it real steady. I am disabled and can not find a job that would work with my disability. I am a hands-on worker, not one to sit behind a desk. But doing this at home I can do it for a while and then go do the dishes, work again then do some other housework.

      I have been at it just over 3 months and have 2 websites. I made 2.76 commission last week. I do a periodic plug for WA. But mostly working on my 2 stores and content.

      I hope to make enough money so my social security can go farther. It isn’t enough to pay all my medical bills. I want to have some cash to have money to do things with my grandchildren. And maybe take a 3-day vacation. More will be great. But I don’t look for that for some time. That is if I can keep it up.

    2. Really I am loven it. It gives me something to focus on. And I know I will make money someday. I don’t have get rich quick niches. But the good sustainable one I think. I have been at it 4 months almost. and only made the 2.76 I made before. Today I purchase a thing to give away if I can get people to sign in to my store. And am hooking up with an email marketer. I have no business contacts. Good luck and I hope your dreams come true. Can’t always be the other guy that gets lucky.

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