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Watercolor paints and supplies from Blicks

watercolor Paints- Here is a couple of links that will take you to Blicks watercolors – Then Some watercolor paper. – watercolor medium- Then there is a list of books available. I like the books. The constant reminders of what you have learned are wonderful. If you click on any of these links, I am an associate and will get a bit of commission.

Opaque Watercolor Paint Set, 24 Colors Pan
Arches Watercolor PaperSaunders Waterford Watercolor PaperQoR Watercolor Medium – Light Dimensional Ground, 237 mlEveryday Watercolor   This is another link to the book everyday watercolorModern Watercolor    BookModern Watercolor  Everyday WatercolorExperimental Watercolor DVD - DVD

Sargent Art Watercolor MagicYou can click on all these images and it will take you to blicks. This is one picture of the color of the watercolor magic. It comes in many colors.

Now I will search for some brushes for you. You need hem to pain after all. Just click on the picture and you will be transformed into a place of color dreams. and they have many different brands. Try them all and decide what you like best.Da Vinci Red Sable Series 36 Watercolor Brush - Round, Size 1

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Watercolor paints etc.

I will be giving you resources so you can begin painting with watercolors. I personally really enjoy the soft color tones that watercolors have. A lot of times there is no firm lines. They seem to flow and organically overlap. But you know what it is, It is supposed to be very similar to acrylics. I have some but haven’t used it yet because I keep forgetting to buy the paper. Well, now I have no excuse. I have access to everything between my two new affiliates. AND you do too. Here is some watercolor paint. I have to say that is you desire to buy it I will get a bit of commission. Utrecht Arts are one Blick Art Supplies is the other.

     [Wow, I MIGHT get this banner figured out yet.]  LOL  Take your pick they both carry all the goodies. Utrecht Arts also carries supplies for other arts like sculpting, drawing, pastels, drafting tables, yarn and more.  And the made a cadmium-free paint in all the colors Blick has many different paint sets. That is a good thing to start with. Then after that pick up the colors you run out of. The if you can’t afford to get stuff for your studio. I am on a fixed income so I gift my self a tube of paint and 1 studio item each time I get paid. But if you have a little extra ” me ” money each payday then set it up. And it is so nice when you have a place To just paint. I hated it before when I would get everything out and then I would have to put it all away before dinner time. I had time to get it out, time to paint time to clean brushes etc. and time to put it away.they all ended up to take about the same amt of time.

I love some of the daylight natural lights they have. There is nothing better for painting. The colors are so spot on. I bought an artist table or draft type of table. It is so nice. it has a slide-out extension on the left side to set my computer on if I am taking a class. The big table tips up. straight up if you want the canvas falls off. So no easel is needed. it has 2 drawers underneath. One for my tubes of paint and one for brushes and other stuff. It is wonderful. So when I get my room rearranged it is going right in front of my north window. And I have one daylight lamp already for those cloudy days. Well, that is about all for today. But please be sure to make some comments, AND leave your email if you want me to drop you a line when a sale is coming up or let you know if there is a new post. Take care and God Bless.