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One of my First Favorite Books.

The first book I really liked was ” Painting with Acrylics” I covered good basic techniques. And I love seascapes and flowers. This book did not get into detail. It has scenes that are loose And leave a lot to the imagination. And many artists like that. If you just suggest things are there and imagine the rest. That way it works for so many people and it reminds them of what they remember.

She covers many of the same things all books cover. Under the assumption that this is your first book. She covers color mixing which is very important because then you don’t have to buy many different colors just mix it up. Because all paintings will be in different shades of colors and hues.

And then Oil Painting types of techniques. Oil techniques are next. These are harder for me. Impasto is when you use the thick paint straight from the tubes and using a brush or palette knife. You can add mediums to add to the paint to do almost anything.  Creating many textures, Scumbling is easy and used many times for mountains and rocks kind of pushing the paint around.

Then she encourages you to kind of play with the colors on a canvas, and practice different ways to use the brush and Paint. There are several techniques to learn. Dry brushing, Is when you put paint on your brush then wipe most of it off so you can give just a hint of color on your canvas. wet on wet blending is use largly with watercolor but can be used in acylic. It is watering down the paint to do a wet color over a wet color [ flowers ]or to do a wash. That is when thin paint is put over dried paint to make a hazy of color over top. Using wet paint then use a paper towel to lifting paint to make clouds, 

A couple of things I have never mentioned is masking fluid or tape. Masking fluid can be put anywhere in your canvas to keep the underlying color on the canvas. If you have already painted an area or item and you don’t want to mess it up with the color you are about to do. Usually used in thin lined areas. Then you peal it off when you are done. Tape, on the other hand, can be used to get a nice straight horizon, frame the outline of a building or anything else your heart desires. It comes in several thicknesses.  Use a good brand so you don’t have to worry about leakage under the paint. Don’t cheap out on tape. 

 But play with the colors and see what and where you want them to be. Don’t try to copy anyone else way of doing things. You will pick up a little here and there that you like to make your own style. Happy practicing.

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