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Acrylic Supplies

I will start with some paper you can paint on for practice first then work up to brushes, Arches Watercolor PaperBuy BLICK acrylic painting supplies! As for brushes, I would not buy a set I would buy them individually. Because you really don’t need them all to start with. But will want to use them later after you get the feel of the brushes and know what to do with them. Although some times a small set can be A frugal deal. If you click on these links and go the product and buy, I will get a bit of commission. I won’t get rich selling 5 & 10 dollar items. lol

Utrecht art supplies mean just that. They supply not only supplies for painting but sculpting, drafting, and printmaking to name a few.   RealValue Brush Sets in Synthetic Acrylic (#9132)RealValue Brush Sets in Synthetic Acrylic (#9153)These brushes, both sets are good for acrylic and oil. they have a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. And the price is really nice. Once you get into this store you can decide if it is best for you. I truly believe that when it comes to acrylic painting, a good brush is worth a million.


400 Series Acrylic PadRealValue Brush Sets in Synthetic Acrylic (#9153)

I love these pads. I used them like crazy when I was practicing painting. And I still keep it on hand to try things I have never tried before.

This is a nice inexpensive brush set to start with. I am kind of hooked on brushes. If I go to a craft store to by canvas, I always come home with brushes. I love them. They are my not so secret habit. I have so many. but I could use more filberts. lol.

Galeria Acrylic Paint Set, 10 ColorsThis paint set picture is so tiny. but it doesn’t help to enlarge it, it gets blurry. Well, this set comes in both 20ml and 60 ml tubes.  And I really love galleria paint. It is just the perfect consistency.

Blick has several sets too. They even have the colors divided into shades. One is Autumn than Summer. Also Earth and Portrait. Other brands are Liquidex, Golden, Revees and Winsor & Newton. A lot of variety. I usually get Liquidtex. It has a nice consistency and the price is right for a starving Artis like me. There are tons of us out there.

Acrylic Paint Marker, 2mm Fine Tip 12pc Set
Acrylic Paint Marker, 2mm Fine Tip 12pc Set “A”

These come in several sizes. and several sized sets. So it is your choice depending on your needs. I have not tried these yet. So I can’t give you my opinion.
Unprimed Wood Painting Panels, 1 5/8These wooden boxes come with a keyhole in the back. And in all sizes.  I believe they even have them in the round.

Then I ask about canvases. I do use a stretch canvas from time to time. But mostly I like the canvas board. To each there own. But it is nice for storage and for shipping.Premier Heavyweight Cotton Archival Panels, 1/8

Here they are. They are very nice. and come in all sized up to an 11 by 14. But some brands have larger ones. The brands are Blick Primer, Blick Studio, Federics, Raymar, and Richeson to name just a few. They just have one kind where I go So that is all I have tried. I will have to start getting them through here so I can try some different kind. It should be smooth with a nice tooth to the fabric. Nice and smooth. You can sand it with fine sandpaper then apply another coat of gesso. Artist like to use the stretched canvas. I really like the feel of these. the canvas will have a little bit of giving to it, unlike a hardboard. They are very nice. There you go for now. I hope both your shopping and you painting all go well.

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Acrylic Supplies from Blick Art

Good morning. Rise and shine it is time to buy painting supplies. I don’t know about you but love to get painting treasures in the mail.  Here are more links. We will see how it works with my typing.  Painting in Acrylic (Paperback)Modern AcrylicI love to learn from books because I don’t have to keep pausing a video.  And if you want to keep it forever you can. I know for me, if I haven’t done something for a while I forget how to do it. I am 63 years old and the memory is not getting any better. Next, I will find you one of those stay wet pallets. I have one and would not do without it. I put the colors I need in it and have it for the entire painting. Cheap and fantastic. I need to tell you I am an associate of blicks, and if you follow one of these links and purchase then I will get a bit of commission.

Here is the Sta-wet paint pallet.

Masterson Sta-Wet Premier Palette - Sponge Insert, 5 sheets of acrylic film

Blick Studio Acrylics – Set of 6 colors, 120 ml tubes
Sorry the image had issues and made this page a mess. But with 6 primary colors, you can mix all colors. Color mixing is a good skill to learn. That way you don’t have to buy all the paints. And second, many times you are not going to find the color you want.


And this is a start-up kit, just in case you haven’t tried this before. Blicks carries a multitude of different Brands of paints and in different price ranges. I will put up a couple of different colors of each brand. I order some colors I needed. And I bought brands I hadn’t  Then you can look for the color you want. And it does good to try a different brand once in a while. Then you will know what brand you like best. These are the little bottles like you can pick up at Walmart or Michaels.
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint –
In all colors. but I will share it twice. They go to different colors. Then when you get there select the color you need.
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint –

Tri-Art Finest Quality Artist Acrylics – Viridian Hue, 120 ml jar
-This one is a bit expensive but you do get a good amount of paint.
Chroma Atelier Interactive Artists’ Acrylics – Jaune Brilliant, 250 ml jar
-The chroma paint has a unique property, you can go back after it has dried and rehydrated it so you can blend it with another color.
M. Graham Artists’ Gouache – Cerulean Blue, 15 ml tube
-This is a highly pigmented paint for professionals. There are no fillers just highly pigmented bright pure colors. Any “professional” paints tend to be expensive.
Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Paint – Brilliant Blue, 5 oz tube
-Made in Brooklyn, New York. are treasured for there brilliance, longevity, outstanding lightfastness and Rich texture.
Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Paint – Cadmium Red Medium, 5 oz tube
-Here is another Utrecht paint. They have perfecting their paints for years. 5oz. is 150ml.Utrecht Studio Series Acrylic Paint - Cerulean Blue Hue, Quart

-And they have paint in a lot of different sizes.
Pebeo Mat Pub Acrylic Paint – Permanent Green, 500 ml
-Right now it is 41% off list price. So that is a really good deal for 500 ML. jar.
Montana Gold Acrylic Professional Spray Paint – Paris, 400 ml can
-Spray paint because artist come in all mediums.
Chroma Acrylic Mural Paint – Glam Rock (Gold), 16 oz jar
-I did a few murals in the past. You need paint that colors well. You don’t want to go back and do a second coat.
Decocolor Acrylic Jumbo Paint Marker – Green
-This is a jumbo marker. Some items are hard to find. And a marker the size you need is one of them. Blick carries a bunch of different sizes.
Decocolor Acrylic Paint Marker – Light Green
-Another marker, different size

-Next, I used the picture instead of the text and left it big so you can read it. It is a very good item to have if you have never used mediums before.Liquitex Acrylic Mediums - Set of 4

Blick Studio Acrylics - Set of 48 colors, 21 ml tubesThey carry their color kits in 6, 12, 24, 36, and 48 colors. Wow!   Just click on the picture. it is your link.

Now I will go look at brush sets and see what I can find generally you do not want natural hair for acrylics. They are entirely to whimpy. Use a good soft not stiff man-made fiber brush. This first set is on sale now but is kinda spend at list price.Silver Brush Bristlon Synthetic Bristle Brush Set - Oil/Acrylic, Set of 4

Loew-Cornell Brush Wrap Set – Oil/Acrylic, Set of 18
This is a nice set. Meant for beginners, is wrapped in a cloth organizer and the price is economical.

Loew-Cornell Brush Wrap Set - Oil/Acrylic, Set of 18
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush – Filbert, Size 6
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - Filbert, Size 6

Bristle Magic Brush Cleaner, 32 oz bottle
Cleans very well and nice to have on hand.

That is about all I will post today about blicks. I have another vendor who has an equally impressive line up of products. And I will be covering that next in my post for tomorrow. Please leave a comment below.

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Ready to Paint?


Were do you start? What do I do?  Well here are some pointers. If you are about to do acrylic painting, I recommend you decide what to paint on. Will it be a stretched canvas, canvas on hardboard, canvas, fabric, rocks or furniture. You can still use your practice paper. Whatever you chose. it is available at Some people like paint on plain hardboard without canvas on it. One guy, I saw just painted on big pieces of ripped up cardboard. In Mexico, they use spray paint and paint on almost any surface. Use your imagination.

On canvas, you should give it one or two coats of gesso. Using a wide flat brush. Canvas, in most cases, it already has 1 coat on it. So for sure add another.  And depending on how smooth it is you might want to give 2 coats. I usually use one. Go by the instructions on your gesso.

Once it is Dry, you can begin to set up for painting. I put heavy plastic over the table to keep the paint off. But you don’t need to. Acrylic paint comes off with soap and water. I use dish soap.  Get out your brushes, container of water, paper towels, your picture, an easel if you like and something to put you paint on large enough to mix colors. Use paper plates or there are items in the craft store, art department, that are disposable palettes. Look at your reference photo and decide if you are going to make it real like a printed copy of it. Or go crazy and have fun with an abstract.

Then mix the color for the sky. If you are going to have a sky. If you don’t have a tube of paint the color you want the sky to be. Then mix it, with blue and white. Mix enough for if you need to touch it up. Or give 2 coats.  Acrylic paint is very hard to match up later. Then decide how far down the sky will be. Paint the entire area in big X shaped strokes back and forth over and over. Blend it if needed. Mist your canvas. You will get better coverage that way and less little white specks without paint in them. Then the area is still moist add a tiny little bit of white because the top of the sky is always lighter than the horizon. Or you can buy a tube of gel for mixing. And use less water. When your sky is finished. Add clouds if you want, but that is an entire 3 more lessons. Really good clouds are the hardest for me.

Decide what color the remainder of the painting will be. Green/ Brown or off white. Paint it even if you don’t know what all will be there. Even trees have some sky peaking through. Most paintings have the horizon at half way up, or 1/3 of the way down.   Use your good tape like frog tape to make a perfectly level straight horizon line. Don’t try to be fancy, just get the paint on the canvas.

Blick Art Materials

After it has dried completely, go ahead and pencil in the basic shapes you will have in your picture. Remember you will be painting from the back [ distant ] of the painting towards the front or nearest part of the painting. So if you have mountains, decide where you want those and paint them in. use a color like medium or dark purple to give the feeling of distance.  Do a diluted [watered down] transparent whitewash over them to show the atmosphere between here and there. Then work on your clouds. Remember the high in the sky clouds are closer and larger than low smaller ones are in the distance, far away.

This second painting is an online class I took from Tim Gagnon. As far as I am concerned he does the best clouds. [This is my painting] White fluffy clouds. I frequently have to go back and see how he does it. Try as I may I just can’t get it right. He pushes the paint around with his worn out brush. It is like a scruffy brush, worn out flat brush. He makes it look so easy. I can’t give much more advice as I don’t know what the remainder of your painting will be. Just block everything in. Making them slightly darker than you want them to be. I find it easier to add the highlights over the main color.

If you are adding buildings, remember perspective. The best way I can explain perspective to you is when you look at a landscape, notice the brighter larger items are in close. Close to you. As you look farther away things become smaller and not quite so bright, and less defined.  As you look farther and farther back things begin to become less clear, much smaller and blurrier to see. So this is why we paint from the back to the front.

It helps to follow along with an artist you like and do some entire paintings with them on you-tube. Take your time and be patient. Unless you are very talented, it will take years of practice before you start to hear” That is really good.” And remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The last thing I do is give it a couple of coats of matt finish top coat, like varnish. But I have been told it doesn’t need it after it dries completely.

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My dream for this store.

My idea is 10 fold. I want a place for all painters to come. To sell their creations, so we have professional paintings for sale, get their favorite supplies like canvases, brushes and many brands of paint, at reasonable prices , and trust. Trust that you are getting the supplies you ordered. Trust that the paintings are better than what you see on this high-quality format. Trust that all your information is secure.

Originally It was going to be Acrylic paintings and Oil paintings. I have decided to have a section on commission work that can be personalized to the individual receiving the gift. And watercolor paintings. I will have beginner acrylic painting sets, beginner oil painting sets, and watercolor sets. There will be supplies in other mediums. Because what is wrong with doing a mix of mediums on acrylic paintings. Mix it up. Use marker, pens, painting pens, or ink. It is your creation, do it. One of my favorite acrylic painters goes over some of his paintings with Oil Paints.

Commissioned work will be limited as to what we paint on. You pick the item and give us some idea of what small picture you would want to be put on it. An email including the picture would be needed. We would give you a bid prior to starting so you have an Idea as to cost. And we would require 50% down before we start. Then when it is done we can ship it to you or the person it is meant for.  that person if you desire. Small items are little wooden boxes, Christmas bulbs for all occasions, and wooden spoons. This is a new store and I plan on continued growth. Ideas are welcome. Leave comments at the bottom of the pages. We will see what we can do.

So sit back and relax. Find something that inspires you, and give it a try. Thank You, God bless. Don’t forget to share with your favorite social media. Mine is facebook and Pinterest.

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I grew up in the country. As a little girl thought everyone did. This reminds me of home.

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