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Cleaning Your Acrylic Brushes

Washing Acrylic Paint Brushes
It is time to talk about brush preference.  I started with soft natural hair brushes. I do not like them for day to day use.  You don’t want anything really stiff either. Both the soft fuzzies and the stiff brushes have there placed so have a few in your collection. The main kind I like is a medium soft synthetic brush.  They hold just enough paint and feel good in my hand. So don’t go by the most expensive brush when you start.   Some of the cheaper brushes are great. But not the bag of brushes of all kinds unless it is a child’s projects.  I keep them and inexpensive paint on hand because when my grandbabies come over it is always ” Grandma can I paint”  And I love it.  I have a rock-lined front sidewalk. Grapefruit sized. They are happy to paint rocks and have them displayed there.

Another thing I didn’t realize I needed to do was clean my brushes. Well, yeah I washed them out with water. But after a few times, it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. And a liner brush would do the same thing curl and would be a three liner brush. Split and unusable. So I started washing them with Dawn dishwashing liquid. I scrubbed them good and rinsed them. Then I put them back in their original shapes and put them down to dry. This system worked pretty well and would make my brushes work for me a while longer

Then I discovered a new product. It is a solution to soak your brushes before cleaning. It is called “ brush cleaner & restorer. It’s made by “Winsor & Newton”. They are a fantastic company for everything painting. Their products are quality. So I took my sad-looking brushes and let them soak overnight. You don’t have to soak them that long. Then when you clean the brushed use a metal knife and use that to work the softened material out of the brush were it has dried near the metal. Work way down where the hairs come out because that is the place if the paint builds up there. It causes problems. And when it does the bristles won’t stay together. They are pushed apart by the dry paint.

Another helpful product is called “Pink Soap” it is a brush cleaner and conditioner. It works on acrylics and OILS. It is cleaner as well, better than the dawn. But when you put the bristles back in place after, cleaning they look almost new.

Thanks for reading this I hope it was helpful. Have a great day. Hopefully, you will be Painting soon.


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