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The Fun of Pastels


Pastel is kind of a new form of painting if you want to call it that. You certainly can use your brushes or fingers, paper toweling, baby wipes. It is a beautiful art. and when you start a painting you would never know it is going to start out looking one way and end up totally different. You can jump right in and buy hard square pastel strips. And use your fingers to start the painting. Or you can make your own pastels from scratch. But we will leave that until later.

They come in several different kinds like hard, soft, oil, and pan pastels. To try it use the hard pastels. They come in vibrant colors are like a square piece of chalk. And there is pastel Paper that is “Glassman” paper that is good for flowers. Tape down your paper. Use the tape to make a nice border around the piece. And alcohol in a fine spritzer with paper towels or baby wipes with some alcohol in them. Work from the back color you have to look close to see it, dark to lights front to back. Realy rub in the colors where you need them. Some people use a sharp tip to draw the picture first. Then color it in and use the alcohol and Paper towels to rub it into the places it should go.

Once that is done and dried, then you can start the second coat that has more detail and lighter colors. Do it like you were doing any kind of painting. And more light coming through the trees. And the brighter color of the flowers. Dark grasses growing in the background. Darker leaves related to the flowers, or whatever you decide to paint.

Stems for grasses and flowers are done with the edges of the square pastel. Don’t forget the sky. You can’t leave it white. Use a pale blue and white and light gray for clouds. Now would be a good time to and dark or light in the centers of the flowers. Light on the tree branches exposed to semi-direct light. Think about where your light source is coming from. Lighten up some grasses and edges of flowers. Add a slight amount of white on hot edges. a great page to go to they tell a lot about Pastels is   Plus I found some great books that tell you all about it..

That page tells you all you need to make your own, pastels. And how to make them.  Another great site I found is Just copy and paste to visit them. Then come back and see me.  Books are a great way to learn pastels too.

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Sidewalk art! This is the last thing I found out about pastel painting. And it is spectacular, imaginative, and extremely complex. I found it on the internet, of course.

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