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Oil Paints and Supplies from Blicks

I have never painted with oils. It just sounds so different than Acrylics. I guess I am a little chicken. Mostly because I don’t know much about it. But the best place to look are books.

I believe any of these will give you a good start. Many books write very basic about painting at the beginning of the book. So if you get more than 1, the second will be very similar in front. But if you buy more than 1 that is great because it is always nice to get hints and ticks from various artists.

The second place, or along with the first when you are in the study and try its stage, is youtube. They are fantastic! I can give you URL’s to copy into your search engine, but not a direct link.   Her name is Lena, and this is a very beginning lesson. I should take it too.  [To let you know, I am an affiliate marketer. So if I give you a link and you follow it and buy, I will get a bit of commission.] WoW! I just watched that video and she really put a lot of info in the first one.  You might want to take a few notes. Well, maybe that is just for us older more forgetful people. But I find if I see it and write it, I remember it better. I subscribed to it and you can too. Then you will have quick access to her next one.  And while you are there take a minute to enjoy her work. Click on the “see more” under the video. She has and eye framed that looks so real.

If you go to youtube and type “oil painting, Lena” you will get a bunch of her videos. I am going to watch the ocean wave one. Because water really inspires me. I love painting waves even though I still have a long way to go. I suppose I should quit rattling on  and find you some really good links for oil paint and medium

.This page isn’t very pretty. that is because I included to picture with the text. emailme at if you don’t like it and I will make changes I will proceed with some links from Utrecht Art on the next page, so let me know if you like this.


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Watercolor Supplies from Utrecht Art Supplies

This is July and it is World Watercolor Month. Go to Artist Network Shop and find out more. They are also having a contest. Check it out. They have a bunch of watercolor classes to partake of.

Hi! It is me again. I have another vendor that gives me access to all their great products. It is good to shop around and find the product that works for you and at a price you like. So here we go. I will supply a picture. You just click on it to get to Utrecht products. And remember I am an associate and will earn a bit of commission if you buy. I will start with a brush set.Casaneo Watercolor Brushes, Round
Zen Watercolor Brush, Dagger

White watercolor groundWatercolor Ground, Titanium White
Watercolor Paper, Smooth
Watercolor Paper, Smooth

Artist’s Watercolor Tubes, Viridian
Artist's Watercolor Tubes, Viridian
Artist’s Watercolor Tubes, Vermilion
Artist's Watercolor Tubes, Vermilion

Cotman Watercolor Paint, Sepia


Cotman Watercolor Paint, SepiaCotman Watercolor Paint, Mauve

Cotman Watercolor Paint, Mauve


Professional Watercolor Paint, Aureolin<
Professional Watercolor Paint, Aureolin

Mission Gold Watercolor, LavenderMission Gold Watercolor, Lavender
Professional Watercolor Sticks, Viridian

Professional Watercolor Sticks, Viridian

Professional Watercolor Compact SetRexy Watercolor Easel

French Artists' Watercolor Wood Box
Watercolor Boards, Pkg of 3Watercolor Boards

Watercolor Travel Set of 12
Watercolor Travel Set of 12
Hydrus Fine Watercolor, Sap Green
Can’t forget the watercolor InksHydrus Fine Watercolor, Sap GreenThee you go. Remember Utrechts Has everything you know about and tons of new things you never even dreamt about. So take a look around in here and I will see you soon.

I was looking around Mister art and found they carry more painting books, so I will get you a link to one. then you can look around. Happy shopping.
Art Answers Series Watercolor Painting
Art Answers Series Watercolor Painting
Painterly Days: Watercoloring Book for Adults The Flower
Painterly Days: Watercoloring Book for Adults The Flower
Fine Art Tips with Lori Mcnee each
Fine Art Tips with Lori Mcnee eachI love books. When we moved from a big house to a tiny Grandpa and Grandma house, it tore a piece from my heart to have to decide which ones I should part with. I provided a link to a store that has a bunch of watercolor books. I will not collect any pennies from this.   Hay! FREE links.  Just copy and paste it to google and you will get an entire page plus.

That is all. And that is enough exploring for one day.

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Watercolor paints and supplies from Blicks

watercolor Paints- Here is a couple of links that will take you to Blicks watercolors – Then Some watercolor paper. – watercolor medium- Then there is a list of books available. I like the books. The constant reminders of what you have learned are wonderful. If you click on any of these links, I am an associate and will get a bit of commission.

Opaque Watercolor Paint Set, 24 Colors Pan
Arches Watercolor PaperSaunders Waterford Watercolor PaperQoR Watercolor Medium – Light Dimensional Ground, 237 mlEveryday Watercolor   This is another link to the book everyday watercolorModern Watercolor    BookModern Watercolor  Everyday WatercolorExperimental Watercolor DVD - DVD

Sargent Art Watercolor MagicYou can click on all these images and it will take you to blicks. This is one picture of the color of the watercolor magic. It comes in many colors.

Now I will search for some brushes for you. You need hem to pain after all. Just click on the picture and you will be transformed into a place of color dreams. and they have many different brands. Try them all and decide what you like best.Da Vinci Red Sable Series 36 Watercolor Brush - Round, Size 1

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Why do I Work so Hard?

And Oh! I did work hard. At home and At work.  I gave it my all every time I went to work. And being a nurse I needed to be. When you are in the hospital that the last thing you need is a nurse that is just going through the paces until he or she can go home. Tired as _ell. I worked the evening shift. I would work until 11 pm. Go get my little girls out of the nice warm bed they were in, take them out to usually a cold car.[ I live in MN] and take them home.

It would take me until 2 am to unwind and get some sleep. Just to get up and get the girls off to school by 7am. I would go back to bed for a nap. then get up and start my day all over again.  I had Chrohns Disease and wished I could work days. But because of my loose stools, I’d be spending my time at work in the bathroom, if I could get there in time. So I would not eat anything all morning or half the day. Then I when to work. I was fine if I didn’t eat supper. so I waited until I got home. Which is terrible for weight gain. I gained a lot of weight in those years.

I always dreamed of working at home. I loved woodworking. So I set up a shop in a shed. I outgrew that and built a 20X36 wood shop with a lean-to on 1 side. Put in dust collectors because pine and cedar dust killed my sinuses. Two-thirds of it was wood shop then, in the end, I had a clean room. An area to stain or paint that wasn’t full of dust and shavings. I bought my wood direct from the mill and I would plane it myself. I made plenty of small things.

Then I started to work for a guy in the cities. He was a landscaper. He would have to take down old gray fences and put up nice wood ones for folks down there. He would take the nails out and I would go about once a week pick up a load of wood and bring it home. I would make out of it whatever he wanted. He usually had 1 to take apart for a pattern. I was still working as a nurse 4 days a week and doing this in my spare time and raising my 2 sweet girls. I made small sleighs and Christmas trees before Christmas time. And make mostly birdhouse benches towards spring. I made enough money to pay for my nice big shop. It doesn’t look like much from outside but inside the time flew by and a body got dirty. But some pretty sweet things came out.

I worked for him for about a year and a half. But It took an entire day out of my week to go get the lumber and make a delivery. and the craft fairs really took time too. A day or 2 a month being exposed to the wind and rain. And ultimately something would get broken. And nobody up in rural MN had a dime and so there wasn’t much for selling. Mostly Ladies coming to get their next craft project in mind. It kinda fizzled out. He was tired of fences. I was tired of making something out of nothing. About 50% of the wood was rotten. That is why they wanted the fence took down to begin with.

I still wanted to work from home on my own biological bathroom time. We had a computer at that time. I was remarried. He made low wages. He was trained in Los Vegas as a slot machine repairman. But so cute and charming. lol. Ask me now 28 years later. We met I was working evenings at the nursing home, Supervisor. It was a good home and had 113 beds. A good sized place for a small town. And I always loved old people. So did my parents. My staff was great, I could really depend on them to do it right. On occasion, one would need a reminder I was still around and watching. But never anything terrible with staff. Unless it was flu season. And staff, as well as grandpa and grandma’s, were sick.

There was never anything I could do from home. Everything was a farce. Suck up money, or just plain lies.  I decided one day to try something I saw online. I had sat and looked at the web page. Then walked away. And a couple times more when it was a stressed filled day and my back just couldn’t take it anymore. So I gave it a try. Well, it too was a money-grubbing scam. couldn’t work until you paid for a year up front. then there wasn’t any help when I needed it. No response to my emails. Nearly a nightmare. I already had a domain name. But I needed a place to host it. But I was very nervous about it now. And I looked at a few and finally came across this,>banner

The name of my future. Wealthy Affiliate helped me. I couldn’t keep my domain name because of the other company won’t release it until my 1 year paid hosting with them is done. So I bought another through Wealthy Affiliate, they are really reasonable. And I had made up my mind I was going to work from home. And earn money.

You really get to work for an entire week for free and to try it out. All the classes are there. Plenty of community, please to ask questions. I am able to get directed to any special training I personally need. And still, do months later. Because at my retirement age, I have a lot of cobwebs in the old attic. To learn something new. I am like addicted to it. I have always had to be doing something. Couldn’t just sit and watch TV as some folks can. I don’t have anything saved for retirement. Shortly after I got married my husband became ill with his heart. And 26 years after his first heart attack, he is still here and challenging the Doc’s at Abbott on how to keep him going. He is on the transplant list and has an LVAD in. He sleeps a lot and I do this all the time. I spend hours doing it but I really feel it will pay off someday soon.

Why don’t you give it a try if you are needing retirement money and don’t have any, start now? Social Security is not half as much of what you need. And that is to just get by.

At first, you are in for free. Then you can pay by the month, 6 months or for a year. If you pay more you save some money. But if you are scared, pay by the month. But I think after the first week, you are going to want to, really want to do it. Be your OWN BOSS!

You have any questions ask me I am at I am just a plain person like everybody else. Raised on a farm. Sixteen miles from the nearest town. Well,  Maybe Not Just like you all. But not fancy, haven’t been to school for any web training, never had a computer class, I learned most all I know about computers from my daughter. Sound familiar? Leave questions right down there and share me with the social places. Then they will know I am here. Thanks for everything in advance, Laura G

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The new Art, ” Paint Pouring.”

I didn’t plan on doing the paint pouring myself. But I was seeing it all over you-tube. Some use 3 colors others use 30. You can use a colander or a funnel. A heat gun or hair dryer. The possibility is limitless. I believe it is trial and error. So it is best to watch a few on youtube. Decide what you like and then get your paint and supplies. You have to have a good place to possibly make a mess.

If you plan on becoming an acrylic pouring artist, You have to buy special paint and additives. Then get an idea that someone hasn’t tried yet and play with your technique until you get a design that is pleasing to the eye. Yes, watch you-tube to see what others are doing, then do your own thing. There is some pretty spectacular pouring out there. Beyond what I could have imagined. And that is what you what is for your mind not necessarily your eye to see.

Also, you have to have a place to do it. Like a shed are in the garage. Or if you are fortunate enough to have a room in your house set up for painting.  I would suggest it be a heated area because the paint works differently then it is cold. As you see on you-tube they use a shallow large tub or container. I think I would shop in a farm supply store. Then a couple of wooden dowels or PVC is fairly cheap. These 2 dowels need to be permanently fixed to the tub. To place your canvas or the object you plan on pouring on. and you are ready to go. EXCEPT you need to go to Blick Art or Utrecht Art Supplies for your supplies. It is so nice, pick it out, pay, then wait for a delivery in a few days. No dragging gallons of product to and from the car and to your studio. Blick has the “Deco Art Pouring Medium” that will transform acrylics for pouring. And “Blickrylic Student Acrylics” Also I found on some gadgets for paint pouring that I didn’t even know they made.If you click on them and go buy them I will get a bit of commission as I am an associate.

Sargent Acrylic Pouring Medium – Pouring Medium Kit   

This is a complete beginner set. the have tons of different materials to choose from and in almost as many sizes. The acrylic paint comes in up to a half gallon size. And there are a few different brands of the pouring medium to choose from. The ” what to paint on?” well look around Blicks Art Materials .com, you will find things you never even known were made for painting. In this case, I am a Blick’s associate. And will get a bit of commission if you buy this.

Then go to your favorite neighborhood dollar store to find fun items to use to get different effects in your designs. Make sure you know where you get it just in case it turns out to be a glorious painting and you want to repeat it to sell at an art fair.

Pouring Medium

Here are a couple of resources I found on Amazon. There are others to choose from also. I just typed in Paint pouring under Books and there the pop-up. I am an Amazon associate I earn from qualified book purchases
Yes! they have yarn!!!

Please feel free to share on twitter or facebook. the buttons are below. And leave a comment. I need to know how to better serve you as my customers. Thank You!

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Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is so beautiful from spring pastel flowers o bolder desert landscapes. I have been doing my research lately and studying up about watercolor. after reading and listening to 3 separate artist I came up with this advice. As I said before I am an acrylic artist.

There are several things you need to start watercolor. The first thing is the paint. You need the following colors 1. burnt umber 2. cobalt blue 3. lemon yellow. 4.light red 5. alerisem[ can’t spell it and neither can spell check] crimson. 6. Paynes gray 7. aquamarine blue. 8. raw sienna. and 9.white wash, Of course, I have three different suppliers of all things painting I will display banners for each.[link]

Watercolor paints set   Koi Watercolor Paint Tube Set of 12Koi Watercolor Paint Tube Set of 12
This is from Utrecht Art Materials. I am an affiliate of Blick and Utrecht Art and get a bit of commission if you buy through these links.

then you need practice paper to use until you feel like you are starting to get the feel of it. I did a little it was fun. I started with a comma stroke. You pick up a little paint and softly push it to the paper, push it down a little as you go. then bring it up. That is a good one to practice.

100 Watercolor Paper Sheets, 140lb, Hot Press

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Watercolor paints etc.

I will be giving you resources so you can begin painting with watercolors. I personally really enjoy the soft color tones that watercolors have. A lot of times there is no firm lines. They seem to flow and organically overlap. But you know what it is, It is supposed to be very similar to acrylics. I have some but haven’t used it yet because I keep forgetting to buy the paper. Well, now I have no excuse. I have access to everything between my two new affiliates. AND you do too. Here is some watercolor paint. I have to say that is you desire to buy it I will get a bit of commission. Utrecht Arts are one Blick Art Supplies is the other.

     [Wow, I MIGHT get this banner figured out yet.]  LOL  Take your pick they both carry all the goodies. Utrecht Arts also carries supplies for other arts like sculpting, drawing, pastels, drafting tables, yarn and more.  And the made a cadmium-free paint in all the colors Blick has many different paint sets. That is a good thing to start with. Then after that pick up the colors you run out of. The if you can’t afford to get stuff for your studio. I am on a fixed income so I gift my self a tube of paint and 1 studio item each time I get paid. But if you have a little extra ” me ” money each payday then set it up. And it is so nice when you have a place To just paint. I hated it before when I would get everything out and then I would have to put it all away before dinner time. I had time to get it out, time to paint time to clean brushes etc. and time to put it away.they all ended up to take about the same amt of time.

I love some of the daylight natural lights they have. There is nothing better for painting. The colors are so spot on. I bought an artist table or draft type of table. It is so nice. it has a slide-out extension on the left side to set my computer on if I am taking a class. The big table tips up. straight up if you want the canvas falls off. So no easel is needed. it has 2 drawers underneath. One for my tubes of paint and one for brushes and other stuff. It is wonderful. So when I get my room rearranged it is going right in front of my north window. And I have one daylight lamp already for those cloudy days. Well, that is about all for today. But please be sure to make some comments, AND leave your email if you want me to drop you a line when a sale is coming up or let you know if there is a new post. Take care and God Bless.


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Ready to paint? I Now have Great Places to Get Paint.

This is a page for me to allow you to go to a link that has all the books, videos, or studio supplies you would like to own. I found wonderful companies you can purchase paints and brushes from. You choose what is your favorite. I am an affiliate so I will get a little commission if you do decide to buy. Just thought I would let you know. The item I am targetting today is paint. As I have said in the past I link a thicker paint. Like “Winsor and Newton.” You will have to thin it down a little for most applications. But why pay for a lot of runny paint. Especially if you paint acrylic and have a cover moist palette that lets you use the same paint time after time.

Another good paint I like is “Goldens Heavy Body Acrylic Paint” They do cost a bit more. If you are serious about your painting it is worth it. Here is a banner to take you directly to “Utrecht Art Supplies” They also carry many useful paint supplies. I have only begun to work with them. They seem really nice and they to offer me a bit of commission if you shop there. But I tell you they have everything. for ALL types of being an artist, not just painting. They have drafting tables things for modeling clay. It seems to have no limit. They have the same paint. But in addition, There is a medium body paint I like. Check out the liquidex. You don’t have to water it down. It seems just right when it comes out of the tube. My only problem with it is, it is so hard to get all the paint out of the tube. I usually cut it open and take a knife to get it all out and put it in a tiny plastic jar. But that is only because I am a Cheapskate. Have fun shopping, but more, have fun painting.

I will post more at a later time.

Please, comments at the bottom of this page. Ake questions and I will try to answer. If you add your email I can let you when I write a new post or add a couple of my original acrylic paintings.

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How to Paint a leafy Tree and Pine Tree.

I like to paint trees, but I didn’t at first. They all looked alike. first, the all had brown trunks and the same color leaves. This changed as I realized there are all kinds of trees out there. When I was a kid my favorite climbing tree was a pine tree. Once you got inside next to the truck, it was like climbing a ladder or stairway up to the top. We had several and when my parents would go to town they told us “To stay out of those trees. ” But as soon as we were sure they were gone, up we would go being careful not to damage them. Each branch became just that much higher. First, the left then the right, with the trunk between. I could climb all the way up to the top.

My second favorite tree was an Oak tree.  It was because my Mom built my brother a tree stand next to one. She put a rail around it so we couldn’t fall. But it was harder to climb. The limbs are so far apart that a girl with not so strong arms could not keep up with a brother. I have seen a lot of birch trees. With their nearly white bark with black scares upon them. And they rose quite high before the branches would poke out. Not strong enough for me to climb. The willow tree if big enough would make like a fort with the branches going up then turning down with leaves that danced across the ground. My Dad hated them because he said they made such a mess every fall with their big long leaves dead on the ground. But my Mom and I loved them. We thought they were beautiful.

I think I like to paint evergreens the best. There are so many different kinds that you can not paint them wrong. You start at the top and make little marks like. One on the top and one on each side. Then work your way down, one side then the next skipping around just a bit. Going first towards the sky the straight out to the horizon. Making a few more dots[ branches] down would you go.  Then on some of them, you would start pointing the branches down a bit the longer and fluffier they got. You’d have to put some in front too or that part will look naked.  Keep going until you hit the ground. They are very dark green or blue-green. These were the ones Dad would out into the woods and get for a Christmas tree. His favorite was blue spruce.

The hardest one of all is the old Oak Tree.  They were so tall they would hit the clouds. So bushy and green on top with a couple of different shades of green leaves. And acorns here and there. Some years there were tons of big acorns that fell in fall for the animals to feast on during the winter months. Other years they all seemed to get knocked off early in the summer by wind and hail storms. Squirrels loved to hang around the oak tree. and birds galore.

Then there is an aspen tree. we didn’t get to me a lot of them in our neck of the woods.  They grew fast and companies always chopped them down and hauled the trucks off to make paper out of them.  I guess that is all I can remember, of the different trees. But to paint them is a lot different.  I look them up on the internet. There are not as many trees around anymore. And nome as big as they use to be.


Here we go to Paint! So you have your practice paper out and about 3 shades of green, white, and a couple of shades of brown, light, and dark. I will leave some link at the bottom of the page to give you an Idea of what you need. Start by just taking your round or flat brush. The size depends on how large you want the tree to be. Start at the bottom and paint a line up for a tree truck. If it isn’t totally straight, that is fine. Not all trees are straight, most are more organic in shape. Then place 3 or 4 branches coming out from it. A tree comes up and the branches are in a big Y shape. They open up inside to welcome the sun. Now get out your liner brush and using darkest brown start at the branches and wiggle secondary branches out from that. These branches will tell you where you are going to place leaves. Add more tiny branches off of those if you desire.

Now get a heavy bristle brush out. One that is not perfect and will leave paint scattered around. Using your darkest green scatter leaves around the branches and trunk, just tapping them in here and there. Leave many areas where the sky would show through. Does it kinda look like a tree? Using the same brush, clean it off and using the medium green [ if you don’t have a medium, mix some white in the lighten your dark green]  do the same thing. This time decide which way your light is coming through. This color will cover a lot of the darker green but not all of it. Don’t overdo it, sometimes less is perfect. Now you can switch to a smaller brush Very similar to the last. This is the high light stage. us a light green if you don’t have it mix it. gently apply this highlights remembering you the light source. putting light on that side and any front branches that would still see the light. This gives it more dimension. Do you still have some light showing through your tree? You can go back with the background color and tap some in. If you want more highlights use just a dab of white and yellow, use this very sparingly.

It is time to work on the trunk. When we painted it, we used dark brown. We all know the trunks have color. There are lighter brown, maybe some moss growing on the north side. Some holes from woodpeckers are some times there. So taking your liner brush make little lines with it and the lighter brown. Your imagination comes in handy now. and if that doesn’t work try googling tree trunks or tree bark. The more you paint trees the better they will look. remember trees are not perfect. Everyone differs in the shape and the branches. What I do is go back while I am working on the truck. And add a few little branches sticking out here and there without leaves. If a tree is very close up and a person standing and looking at the painting would see the bark texture. Then I look up what the bark of that tree would look like and add the texture and high lights to it.

Heavy Body Acrylic Paint, Hookers Green Deep

Heavy Body Acrylic Paint, Hookers Green Deep

Now we will paint a pine tree. These are so much easier for me at least. Same colors and brushes. Put in the truck making sure it is the right size for the location on the painting. Remember perspective. Paint your truck the same way you did for the other tree. Pine tree trucks start out big and slowly become slimmer and small at the top. Get out your dark green and liner brush. Tap in a few dots in aline for the tippy top. Then repeat only going out the sides but reaching slightly for the sky. do more with your liner brush until you would feel comfy using a flatter brush. They reach for the sky and have tiny little branches coming off of them. the branches get a little longer each time you make one. You should be able to use a flat brush by now. Continue the same taping and making lines for branches and making branches off of the branches. Typically they only branch off the branch once. Don’t forget the branches that come forward. They are the hardest to do. But take your time. There you are at the bottom. Didn’t you ever think you would get there? A lot of pine trees are missing branches here and there. But none are as wacky as the Jack Pine. Like the one on the top left-hand side. They are a blast to paint. The branches come out straight and may be there or missing. Or long or broken off short. And the branch does not come all the way down. Usually where I live, in a mature grove, you can easily walk underneath. and other things do not grow under them because they make their own mulch bu dropping pine needles and they are long. Not short like other pines. I use to make baskets out of these pine needles. It was a lot of work. But the turn out beautiful.

Find new products at BLICK!


Well, we are here at the end. I hope you could understand it. Run through it a couple of times. Or find another source of a tutorial. It may help if it is more visual. Ask your questions below. Leave comments or share it with someone who may enjoy it.          Thank You, Laura

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Do you want to Paint Paintings or Paint on Furniture and things.

I used to paint on anything that wasn’t able to get up and move. Like I said in a previous post I used to make wood boxes, step stools, little chests, birdhouses, you name it. I also painted on furniture and clothing. liked it when geometric shapes were in style. If I had a shirt or t-shirt that got a stain on it I would paint that with a sponge. Cut it to shape, stain gone and a new shirt to wear. I painted on dirty canvas shoes or purses. Only mine of course. Too bad, I do not have any pictures to share with you.

Wood is pretty straight forward.  Acrylic painting on wood is what I call easy acrylic painting. It can be sealed first but I never did unless I wanted to do a base coat of white or black or anything in between. It can be sealed with a urethane too. then draw out your pattern and paint. Is it inside or outside? There is an acrylic patio paint for outdoors.

If you can’t paint free handed or draw very well, use a stencil. or use a picture and trace it using graphite paper. Stencils are in the craft stores with the craft paint. There are generic ones and fancy Martha Stewart. I am cheap and bought whatever I liked and it was usually in the middle price range. Right now I have 3 end tables I painted. I didn’t have any so when my Dad passed away I got his. They were beautiful in their day, wood and highly polished with curved legs and feet. And looked great in Mom and Dads house. But not in mine. I scrubbed them good. Bought some aqua colored paint at Michaels and painted all 3 the same color. They became a set. I thought about it a while and purchased some stencils I liked. One became an antique stamp on top. Another has a bird on it. The third one is a mystery, my husband has so much stuff on it I don’t remember what is on it. You ladies can understand.  lol.  I took a couple of particles board cheap bedside tables I bought 35 years ago and updated them. That was easy. I painted them white and put new knobs on. They go wonderful with my white bedroom set.  See you don’t have to paint an object on everything.

When it came to painting on fabric it is a lot like painting on canvas. But it soaks up paint like crazy. There is a bottle of liquid you add to the paint so It won’t wash out. The ratio is on each bottle. They are found with the craft paint either just before or a row or just after. Put cardboard or newspaper between the layers so it doesn’t bleed through. Draw the outside shape you are going to paint and give it a base coat. But you do not have to. there are women that paint on shirts, pants, hats and denim jackets and sell them at craft and art fairs. But I haven’t seen any new blood out there for the younger generation. I don’t get out much anymore. I like it better if they just go ahead and paint what they want on them. It doesn’t have to be flowers anymore. If I painted on cloth I would turn it over once it dried and iron it. I helped set it in. But with the newer additives, just read the directions. And always wash it inside out.

As far as painting on outdoor objects They have special “Patio” paint for that. It is great for painting on terracotta pots. I stacked some on top of one another and got a base for the top. Glued it all together with a good construction adhesive. And made a bird bath with a mosaic design inside. It was mostly glass. Today you can get books online or in craft stores that teach how to make almost anything out of pots. Very cute. My grandkids love to paint when they come to grandmas. I have the outdoor craft paint and let them paint on rocks. I have a rainbow of colors lining my walk was in front of my house.

Paints come in all colors and for all applications these days. My 12 y/o granddaughter likes shimmer, sparkles, and anchors. The 7y/o grandson likes glow in the dark paint and neon colors. Whatever you decide to paint on, just remember to have fun. It is just painted, if you don’t like it, paint over it. Make it a no stress project.