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My Dreams are Coming True

Would you like your to come true too? I lived pay check to pay check. Barely getting bye. We never had money to save for a vacation or retirement. Then suddenly retirement came early when I hurt my back and spent 4.5 years in bed and the pain pills didn’t work. No income, only my husbands, and he made half as much as I use to. I had to fight for social security, it to a few more years but I finally got it and medicare. And finally got some relief for my back pain.

Social security gives you enough to live in the poverty level. I thought things were bad before. So I spent time on the internet trying to find a work from home job. Try as I may they were all scams. Believe me now, you will never get anything for filling out service.

Then one day I found wealthy affiliate. I was very reluctant. I had been burned before. But this company let me start for FREE Yes FREE, for an entire month. So I started. My dream was to have an on line store to sell my paintings and those of others who wanted to give it a try. And to sell very thing needed for painting from beginner painters to professional. I am working the program, taking my classes. In the beginning it was a little over whelming but I kept going. Then suddenly it all came together.

I hope I am helping people who always wanted to try acrylic painting and people who want something special on their wall. And who made it possible. And inexpensive! Wealth Affiliate. God Bless them they are the real deal.

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