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My Dreams are about to come true at Wealthy Affiliate

I was like most of you, working from pay check to paycheck. No extra money to save for vacation or retirement. We could barely come up with the extra cash for the kids for school stuff. Then when we thought things can’t get much worst, they did.

My husband suffered a heart attack at 44. Another at 46 which forced him to retire really early and go on disability. Then it was my turn. I hurt my back bad enough so I could not work. Two middle-aged people on social security trying to get by. We sold our family home and took the money and bought a place in town close to his doctors.

I tried for years to find something I could do online to earn money. I tried making crafts at home. I needed to put this together and send them in. It came back to be below standards. And I got no pay. Stuffing envelopes was a scam. I filled out survey’s and never got a dime. I became so negative when it came to anything online. They seemed to target certain groups of people and take advantage of them.

Then one day I came across  Wealthy Affiliate.  I clicked on it to take a look around. I couldn’t believe they let you try it/do the program for an entire month. And everyone there were so helpful when I needed to put questions. Plus there is direct access to both of the owners. Yes, you can ask questions directly.

And the payment is set up in several ways. $49.00 a month, pay for 6 months, or by the year. I was sure I could do the program and paid for 6 months. I have been a paid member and went premium for over a month. It has been fun to learn a new thing every day. And see what I can build. I have a better outlook on life now. Thank You, Wealthy Affiliate They are the real deal. Check out my new online store   Garten Gallery Plus

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