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My dream for this store.

My idea is 10 fold. I want a place for all painters to come. To sell their creations, so we have professional paintings for sale, get their favorite supplies like canvases, brushes and many brands of paint, at reasonable prices , and trust. Trust that you are getting the supplies you ordered. Trust that the paintings are better than what you see on this high-quality format. Trust that all your information is secure.

Originally It was going to be Acrylic paintings and Oil paintings. I have decided to have a section on commission work that can be personalized to the individual receiving the gift. And watercolor paintings. I will have beginner acrylic painting sets, beginner oil painting sets, and watercolor sets. There will be supplies in other mediums. Because what is wrong with doing a mix of mediums on acrylic paintings. Mix it up. Use marker, pens, painting pens, or ink. It is your creation, do it. One of my favorite acrylic painters goes over some of his paintings with Oil Paints.

Commissioned work will be limited as to what we paint on. You pick the item and give us some idea of what small picture you would want to be put on it. An email including the picture would be needed. We would give you a bid prior to starting so you have an Idea as to cost. And we would require 50% down before we start. Then when it is done we can ship it to you or the person it is meant for.  that person if you desire. Small items are little wooden boxes, Christmas bulbs for all occasions, and wooden spoons. This is a new store and I plan on continued growth. Ideas are welcome. Leave comments at the bottom of the pages. We will see what we can do.

So sit back and relax. Find something that inspires you, and give it a try. Thank You, God bless. Don’t forget to share with your favorite social media. Mine is facebook and Pinterest.

Author Laura G

I grew up in the country. As a little girl thought everyone did. This reminds me of home.

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