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Giving back

I think it is always great to give back to the communities in which we live. And one thing that seems always to be cut is art programs in our local schools. Another is sports for the middle grades. And food for the children who may not get much for meals unless they are on free or reduced breakfasts and lunches in school. There is so much missing for our children. It seems other countries Strive to educate their children. Their grade averages far exceed ours. They encourage them to go to college or trade school after high school. But here in the USA, they are neglected. Children can’t fight for themselves. Nor should they. And how would they even know what to fight for?

I have one grandson who had ADHD and had to take medication to make it through the day. He was the sweetest boy, smart as a whip with a higher than average IQ just like his Mama. HE Always said he was going to be a Doctor since he was 3 years old. He had it all planned how he could get part of his college in high school. Then go into the military to get more college paid for. He couldn’t get the grades because he could not get organized to get his school work all done and handed in. But there wasn’t anyone to help him.

Then when he was older he was DX. with Autism spectrum disorder. Suddenly he didn’t get things mentally. It seemed to happen overnight. You could say if you do this naughty thing you will be punished by being grounded. Then he would be naughty when he was punished he could not figure out why. It made no sense to him. It was the first he had heard about it. He and his Mom would go around and around for hours. But no help really from the teacher, counselors, or anyone. He was left to struggle. It was like someone who could not swim being thrown into the deep end.

Then there is another little boy, a friend of the family. His Mother passed away in an accident when he was 3. He then was taken to another community to live with his Dad whom he had rarely seen. The boy could be really sweet, then turn and be the meanest child I had ever met. This was trouble in school. He told his teacher that good Danny was in there [ his head] but he wouldn’t let him out. Why would a child practically say he has a split personality, at 6 years old. It is getting worst. He tries to break his playmates and teachers fingers. Is sent to the principles office, and kicks and screams at him. He has been kicked out of school more than he has been in school. They did have a meeting after 2 weeks of this. They decided he needed to go to a special school. But it is too far away for his parents to drive morning and night. The other school closer to where they live MIGHT have an opening next year. No children counselors near to send him to. Nada!

So I have been on SS for a few years. I am starting my web store to help me with having enough money to pay my medical bills and upkeep on my house. What I plan on doing is donating to my local school. I will wait until I get enough. Like every 6 months and right out a check to our local elementary School for 10%. And I will donate acrylic painting sets for children to them if they think they can use them. I encourage you all tick a childrens charity and donate to them. We here at WA believe on paying it forward and helping out our fellow man , child in this case. Do what you can, the future is depending on us.

Thank You and God Bless, LauraG I’ll keep you posted.

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