Use Jaaxy for Word Searches and get Found on the Internet

One of the hardest things for me is to remember to keep my keywords up to date. These are the words that google uses to find relevant information on your website to coincide with the words people put in the search engine. To get you found.

And how do you know what other people are putting in the search engine? Like me, you aren’t a clairvoyant, or magician. You need a tool that will let you figure it out. But how on earth do you find one of those? On Google, you could type in “keyword finder”, “how to find a keyword,  and you will get a few different plans to buy after the free trial. But they don’t help you the way you need help. You need for google to see you not everyone else.

My recommendation is Jaaxy, I believe it to be the best tool for keywords on the internet. Use it for keyword research, and to find new keywords,  It helps in so many ways. to Find keywords to brainstorm and find tons of keywords for you to use. It can tell you if a keyword you want to use is good or bad. It can tell you where you rank on googles search. almost anything you can relate to keywords. It will tell you what words to use as a keyword on your site then you go back and put them in. It is that easy. But you should go back to Jaaxy at least weekly to make sure you still have current keywords.

I went to Jaaxy and wrote search for key words and got several possibilities.

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