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Finding Inspiration

What do you paint next?  Big question. I usually have something in mind while I am painting my current one.  Or I take out the canvas I will be painting on and just look at it. Is it big and wants something special. or big and need something big and detailed. A little 8 X 10 makes me want to paint small things like birds. And you can tell that by my website. I love landscapes, seascapes are my favorite place to be and Paintings of animals.

Look through your computer at your photos. Hopefully, they are not just selfies. Find ones that make you happy. Don’t just look at the middle of the pictures, is there anything in the background you can use? Or go out and take pictures of every you see. Pictures of ordinary objects from different views. Maybe you don’t think they are special. That is because you see them every day. This is one of my pictures. Not so special, right? But it reminds me of when my 2 sisters came to visit me. I would not paint the entire picture but look at that sunset. Amazing. Take your camera every place you go to. Not the grocery store unless you want to paint fruit or potatoes. Now that sounds like a challenge.

The next place to look is online. There are a few sites that allow you to use pictures for free. Like for a week or a month but then you pay. either by the week or picture or month. If you want to many or want to you can join.  You will have more than enough to paint. Just make sure they are royalty free. You can type into the search anything, lions, elephants, flowers, old truck, or dogs. Just make sure they are royalty free. Getting free images is getting harder. They have to make a living too.

When you just begin to paint, keep it simple. This is a simple one you can do online. It teaches you about the layers of paint you use to create the look you want.

Painting oct 2015

Here is another simple one to paint for practice In is found on you-tube. Just click this link to go to a beginner abstract landscape.  You can find almost anything you want on youtube. just type in beginner acrylic painting tutorials. any type of painting you want. It is amazing how many people are set up to teach. I want to, but don’t have the capital required. Maybe someday.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Awesome post. Your content has made my day. Art is very inspirational as it contains a huge amount of imagination aspect within it. Resources mentioned by you are great.

    I am currently taking an online course on Art from a popular teacher in my country. Every time I watch those video, my mind gets activated and imagination flows freely.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I am always glad to share with others. I will be very happy when I get enough traffic to be able to have the store and carry the items I wanted to carry.

  2. Hello Laura. I haven’t tried painting i only did paint my books in high school when classes were boring. But now in spring as i do my walk i like that the flowers are blooming and it is a really good picture to see everyday.

    I also like anime art. I have some friends that like to draw (in designer programs or in general) but as for me i’m still in the “staring at good art or good pictures” stage.

    As for inspiration, it usually comes when being in simple natural environments (i think). The image of a city full of traffic and cars isn’t so appealing (well maybe a carnival in a city can be inspiring!).

    I liked your image of the Lavender bird. I like birds in general i hear them chirp all day where i live.

    I wish you good luck on your journey. Don’t forget to have fun!

    1. Thank You, George, for your comments. I have a niece who does it and does some amazing pictures. They are amazing. Things are slow right now. Until I get a bunch of traffic I won’t be able to get the products I want to carry. Good luck and God Bless. Laura

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