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Do you want to Paint Paintings or Paint on Furniture and things.

I used to paint on anything that wasn’t able to get up and move. Like I said in a previous post I used to make wood boxes, step stools, little chests, birdhouses, you name it. I also painted on furniture and clothing. liked it when geometric shapes were in style. If I had a shirt or t-shirt that got a stain on it I would paint that with a sponge. Cut it to shape, stain gone and a new shirt to wear. I painted on dirty canvas shoes or purses. Only mine of course. Too bad, I do not have any pictures to share with you.

Wood is pretty straight forward.  Acrylic painting on wood is what I call easy acrylic painting. It can be sealed first but I never did unless I wanted to do a base coat of white or black or anything in between. It can be sealed with a urethane too. then draw out your pattern and paint. Is it inside or outside? There is an acrylic patio paint for outdoors.

If you can’t paint free handed or draw very well, use a stencil. or use a picture and trace it using graphite paper. Stencils are in the craft stores with the craft paint. There are generic ones and fancy Martha Stewart. I am cheap and bought whatever I liked and it was usually in the middle price range. Right now I have 3 end tables I painted. I didn’t have any so when my Dad passed away I got his. They were beautiful in their day, wood and highly polished with curved legs and feet. And looked great in Mom and Dads house. But not in mine. I scrubbed them good. Bought some aqua colored paint at Michaels and painted all 3 the same color. They became a set. I thought about it a while and purchased some stencils I liked. One became an antique stamp on top. Another has a bird on it. The third one is a mystery, my husband has so much stuff on it I don’t remember what is on it. You ladies can understand.  lol.  I took a couple of particles board cheap bedside tables I bought 35 years ago and updated them. That was easy. I painted them white and put new knobs on. They go wonderful with my white bedroom set.  See you don’t have to paint an object on everything.

When it came to painting on fabric it is a lot like painting on canvas. But it soaks up paint like crazy. There is a bottle of liquid you add to the paint so It won’t wash out. The ratio is on each bottle. They are found with the craft paint either just before or a row or just after. Put cardboard or newspaper between the layers so it doesn’t bleed through. Draw the outside shape you are going to paint and give it a base coat. But you do not have to. there are women that paint on shirts, pants, hats and denim jackets and sell them at craft and art fairs. But I haven’t seen any new blood out there for the younger generation. I don’t get out much anymore. I like it better if they just go ahead and paint what they want on them. It doesn’t have to be flowers anymore. If I painted on cloth I would turn it over once it dried and iron it. I helped set it in. But with the newer additives, just read the directions. And always wash it inside out.

As far as painting on outdoor objects They have special “Patio” paint for that. It is great for painting on terracotta pots. I stacked some on top of one another and got a base for the top. Glued it all together with a good construction adhesive. And made a bird bath with a mosaic design inside. It was mostly glass. Today you can get books online or in craft stores that teach how to make almost anything out of pots. Very cute. My grandkids love to paint when they come to grandmas. I have the outdoor craft paint and let them paint on rocks. I have a rainbow of colors lining my walk was in front of my house.

Paints come in all colors and for all applications these days. My 12 y/o granddaughter likes shimmer, sparkles, and anchors. The 7y/o grandson likes glow in the dark paint and neon colors. Whatever you decide to paint on, just remember to have fun. It is just painted, if you don’t like it, paint over it. Make it a no stress project.

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