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Do You Want to Become a Fine Art Painter?

If you have ever just tried oil painting and was turned off by it then you need to try it again. These tricks and tips to help you with your oil painting. And if you really want to you too can be a fine art painter with your own originals for sale. Oil painting is an interesting kind of painting with the use of Varnishes. Varnishes can be made from a combination of many oils. The most commonly used oils are linseed oil, poppyseed oil walnut, and safflower.  The oil

Making painting easier

If you have just tried oil Painting, and been turned off by it. Then here are some tips to help you out. It will make the learning process much more enjoyable.

1. The selection of your pallet is important. Remember earlier you were told to keep them in the same order. This will place them in the order then flow and convenience If you don’t like it you can change it later.

2. To make sure your oil paint is smooth, remember to buy a good quality set of brushes. I swear this is true. I bought cheap brushes at first and could not paint a thing. To get better ones and take good care of them.

3. To clean the brushes. To clean them properly, Make a mix of thinner and liquid soap. Dip the brush into the mix and wipe it off with newspaper. Then they will be clean and properly shaped for next time.

4. Some time sit can be confusing to check the right color combination of color you are using. This confusion can be cleared. If you get used to color value, like temperature intensity and hue. Right!Sounds even more confusing. For example orange stands for intensity, shades of red are best for hues and black is a choice for outlining.

5. Getting cracks in your paintings are common. Just follow a thinner layer of paint thinker layer of paint with aa thin coat.

6. Last but not least is never let your last layer dry in the dark. Put it in the light. Or a thin layer of oil will form over the painting.

Oil painting is an interesting kind of painting been popular since the 1300s in England. Back then painters usually preferred tempera over oils. They dried faster than the oils. Then in the 1500s artists began mixing Tempra with oils. Finally in the 1700th century when pure oil paints began being used as an art medium. There were a lot of benefits to using oil paints. some of them are:

1. The largest benefit of oil painting is anyone can do it with very little knowledge of how. The materials are very easy to pick up at any craft store. Even at Walmart now. The themes can vary, as far as the painter’s imagination can go, there is full freedom to use his creative skill can go while doing his painting.

2. Versatility is another benefit. Canvases lay flat as to not take up much room like ceramics, sculptors, or woodworking Unless it is wood burning. And that depends on what you are woodburning on. So they are easy to store and not fragile.

3. Oil painting requires much less time to dry than they use to. They are made up of pigments that are mixed in oil. Some people find this part of oil painting quite troublesome. But painting is an art that requires patience. so we must all learn this art form. Different Oils dry at different times.

4. Oil paints are also great for mixing well with the surrounding paint, so blending is easy to do. When applied to canvas it holds the artist brush strokes giving texture and depth to a painting.

5. With oil paints, you can mix with other solvents and apply a glaze to part or all of the painting. Which adds to glamour and beauty. Rarely are painting of any kind the same as mine. I like realism. In these modern days, people paint with bright colors, patterns, and illusions.

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Learn the Techniques of Oil Painting

Learning to oil paint is easy and exciting. They are much easier than sketching or acrylics watercolor. Once you are good at oil painting can use techniques that take painting far beyond regular standard techniques. Imagine doing special effects. But you have to start somewhere. So here are the fundamental basic painting need to knows. The different basic techniques are as follows:

Generally, to make an oil paint useable it needs to be thinned with a solvent like turpentine or sketched on the canvas with water-soluble pencils or charcoal. Some use acrylic paint. It is water-soluble you can apply the paints in layers.

Learn Glazing In Oil Paint

Glazing is a popular oil painting technique. when the painter uses a lot of the solvent in order to make the paint transparent, see-through all most. But the with the use of a lot of solvents means a longer drying time. In order to see if the painting is dry, all you must do is the”touch” test. So simple it all most makes me laugh. So you must be patient to wait a day then do the touch test if it is still sticky or tacky you much wait a few more hours. Then repeat.

Learn Impasto Oil Painting

Impasto is a technique when you put the paint on in thick using a brush or a knife. It is a simple thing that every artist must try. The results are unique and that is why it is a much-loved technique.

Learn Oil Painting with a Knife

This technique is common among adventurous artists. It is where the paint is put directly on the canvas with a knife. This is a fun thing for oil painting. Beginners can try this out subsequently. It is a wonderful way to warm up and get loose with your imagination oil painting.

Learn Ells Prima Painting

Oil painters who have less patience can try this kind of technique. In this style, you don’t do layers. And it can be done in one sitting. And you don’t have to worry about drying time.

Learn Present-day Oil Painting.

This is a direct style of an oil painting. it involves a direct application to the canvas without any prior planning or underpainting. It requires expert skill and is used primarily by skilled professional oil painters If you are interested in learning one of these more professional aspects of oil painting then study one at a time. And practice.

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Adding Fantasy to our Oil Painting.

Adding Fiction to Your  Oil Painting

If you love to fantasize or have a great immagination then canvas oil painting is the perfect medium through which you can express yourself. It is the painting form of art which has the capability to bring life to the unnatural phenomenon and Great oil painters throughout history have used this as a medium bring forth their thoughts and fictional ideas. It is great with abstract oil work. You can bring your imagination to the forefront where people who are like-minded will see what you have seen, share what is in your mind.

Adding a dash of Fantasy

Let Fantasy Surround You
Let Fantasy Surround You

By adding a dash of fantasy to your oil painting you can create masterpieces that speak your mind and the mind of others who can see what you are trying to depict.  It can be rightly said that when fantasy finds its expression in oil painting then it becomes beautiful and thoughtful beyond words. Even in early Europe, oil painting was in vogue. At that time linseed oil was used in combination with other pigments to create a dramatic effect. Oil painting can be the medium of a painter’s with wandering thoughts. When a painter gives this kind of expression to his fantasy through the means of oil painting, a masterpiece gets created. Don’t we all want to create a masterpiece?

Themes for Oil Painting:

Fantasy and fiction subjects that are not realistic. It often covers fiction, mythology, and mystic ideas.  It may be based on ancient folklore or legends. The painters of early time kept away from science fiction themes in oil painting. But, more recent painters have included the science fiction in oil painting to create dramatic effects. One way has been oceanic exploration. wandering underwater with dolphins, whales and other sea creatures make you feel like you there with them even if for only a moment stolen in time. and without having to hold your breath. Lol.

Space exploration is a favorite theme for oil painting. The sky becomes the perfect canvas for the artists where he can let his imagination go wild. With the development of larger telescopes, and cameras on satellites or space stations. We can see farther than ever before. The heavenly bodies and natural wonders like sun, moon, and the stars can all be depicted quite dramatically and artistically on the canvas using oil paints. This gives a perfect platform to the painter to use his abstract thoughts. It all looks like a dream into the night.

Greek mythology consisting of old Egyptian, African, and Bible stories have always been a pet for oil painters. Oil painting depicting Gods and Goddesses, Angels, they have always held a special place in oil painting. Not to forget, fairies, magical mermaids. They provide a beautiful platform for the oil painters to user their fantasy and do magic with their brush.

In the past, with Oil painting, it has been held at high regard in comparison to other “newer” ways to paint. I believe watercolor and acrylic pieces should have as high a value. Now with the newer oil paints than mix with water, a few of us inpatients painters who do acrylic because of the drying time will change our minds about oil painting.

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A for book from Saachi Arts. Download for free.

Download our free ebook about how to discover and buy the art you love.>Download our free ebook about how to discover and buy the art you love.
http://Download our free ebook about how to discover and buy the art you love.

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Oils that Clean up with Soap And Water.

I had never heard of these until recently. They are very economically priced and retain the vibrate colors that oils have been known for. they are permanent, UV protective, and Non-yellowing. To be used with mixable artisan water-mixable oils. They dry quickly and with soap and water clean up.

The varnish comes in plastic bottles. Which reduces the risk of them breaking. And come in 3 different glosses.

It can’t be shipped outside North America.

Paint comes on tubes from Windsor and Newton, the smallest is 200ml tubes. Unless you get a set of 10. Or the beginner set of 6 colors. They come with a 4.6-star rating.

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Oil Painting Supplies From Utrecht Art.

Blick Art Materials
New Sales set up weekly, so start school shopping now.

Oil Painting  Supplies from Utrecht are many, so here we go.

First, I will cover the paints themselves. I will show you a couple of colors in each brand. Then you can choose which brand you like. It is a good idea to get professional paint unless you are just starting. First is Utrecht,  Quality product made with only the purest of materials. Each color is ground to the specific consistency to enhance that particular color.Oil Paint, Alizarin Crimson  Click on the pictures; they are your links.Oil Paint, King's Blue
Available in about 24 colors, that mixes well with others for custom colors. Prices vary from $3.50 and up. Two sizes.


Now we will look at the brand called Rembrandt Artists Oil Medium.
Artists' Oil Paint, ViridianArtists' Oil Paint, Asphaltum
Know for their professional quality. Colors should be mixed with only the best Linseed and Safflower Oils.  They have a smooth buttery texture. Available in nearly 40 different colors.

Gamblin Artest Oil Paint is next.
Artists' Oil Paint, SilverProfessional artist grade Colors. They are made with the purest pigment and high-quality Linseed oil.  DO NOT thin with Turpentine. I won’t continue because they carry around 30-40 different brands of just Oil paint.

Daniel Greene Portraiture Starter Brush SetThis is a complete set of brushes, but you will need a 1 and 2-inch bristle brush, and a gentle big mop brush is very helpful to have too.Atelier Mottler Brush, Badger Blend, FlatColossal Camel Hair Mop BrushHere is the mop brush way down here. These brushes are expensive. Oil brushes are. Go ahead and look around and get the only the ones you want. And remember if you follow my links to a store, I will get a bit of commission.

There are canvas sheets for you can practice on. Some come loose, but most are in a tablet. Brush Cleaner and Preserver This is Masters brush cleaner and preserve. It is gentle and can be used on all brushes. If there is any residue left in the brush it will remove it. Just read the directions on each brand.  This second bottle removes residue also with very little vapor. Non-toxic and biodegradable so it is better for you and the environment.

Brush Cleaner & Restorer

Linseed OilLinseed Oil Safflower oil or this Stand Oil are all popular to use.
Stand OilLinen Canvas Panels, FineCanvases Come in all thicknesses and sizes. this is a linen canvas. They also come in many brands. The linen canvas is used by a seasoned artist. They are a stretched canvas. I rearly use stretched canvas. I use cotton canvas boards. They are called studio canvas boards. they aren’t real spendy. The also make canvases for watercolor so when you go to purchase one be sure to check for that.  Studio Canvas Panels, FlatTStudio Canvas PadsThe second to the last is stretched canvas. They are really nice to use. I like to use them. But for me, these panels are more practical. the last picture is a bundle or canvas board or you can pick the size you want.  And the last is I found the canvas pad with sheets of canvas in it. These pictures are all links. So don’t look for words until you click on the picture.  Thank you for hanging out with me. Come back and we will do some more shopping together.

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Oil Paints and Supplies from Blicks

I have never painted with oils. It just sounds so different than Acrylics. I guess I am a little chicken. Mostly because I don’t know much about it. But the best place to look are books.

I believe any of these will give you a good start. Many books write very basic about painting at the beginning of the book. So if you get more than 1, the second will be very similar in front. But if you buy more than 1 that is great because it is always nice to get hints and ticks from various artists.

The second place, or along with the first when you are in the study and try its stage, is youtube. They are fantastic! I can give you URL’s to copy into your search engine, but not a direct link.   Her name is Lena, and this is a very beginning lesson. I should take it too.  [To let you know, I am an affiliate marketer. So if I give you a link and you follow it and buy, I will get a bit of commission.] WoW! I just watched that video and she really put a lot of info in the first one.  You might want to take a few notes. Well, maybe that is just for us older more forgetful people. But I find if I see it and write it, I remember it better. I subscribed to it and you can too. Then you will have quick access to her next one.  And while you are there take a minute to enjoy her work. Click on the “see more” under the video. She has and eye framed that looks so real.

If you go to youtube and type “oil painting, Lena” you will get a bunch of her videos. I am going to watch the ocean wave one. Because water really inspires me. I love painting waves even though I still have a long way to go. I suppose I should quit rattling on  and find you some really good links for oil paint and medium

.This page isn’t very pretty. that is because I included to picture with the text. emailme at if you don’t like it and I will make changes I will proceed with some links from Utrecht Art on the next page, so let me know if you like this.


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