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Back to the Very Basics. Bits and Pieces

I have been sitting here having my morning coffee and “wondering.” But Mom use to say ” Don’t wonder to far you will get lost.” I guess I was in the habit if saying ” Mom I wonder…” Poor woman had a lot of questions to answer.

Anyway back to what I was going to say. I love the you-tube videos because the show me how to do things. But what they leave out is the time to keep up with them. It goes so fast and makes it look so easy. I am always starting and stopping the video and I get pint all over my computer. Saying what!, what!,go back. I didn’t see that. Show me what the brush is doing etc..

And the trouble with a book is , you have to buy the entire book to just get the part you needed. I have bunches of books. I learned to paint before the you-tube craze.

So what I will “try” to do is teach bits and pieces. Get back to the basics of painting. I will do a blog type post. And you have the ability at the bottom of each page to ask questions or to give your own expert advice on how you do it that might be easier to some people to learn. We all learn in different ways. I like details involved with anything I try to learn. I am not more than an average woman of 62. Like I said in a previous post, I can’t afford video equipment. It was be talk and pictures.  Off I go. Remember to give suggestions and I will answer them If I can.

A last tip, a lot of these basics can be interchanged to watercolor and Oils.

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