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Advantages to Painting with Acrylics.

There are advantages to painting with acrylics. They are easy to acquire at all craft or paint stores. Even Walmart carries some inexpensive brands. But I caution you on buying the cheapest ones there. My experience with them as they needed to be mixed. And it is hard to mix them in a plastic tube. So One side of the paint painted and then the other side was a squirt of water.

Here is a link to a video on the beginning painting. It is called “Pieces of my Heart.” Buy one and learn and enjoy the process as you go through it.

And because of the pigments in acrylics are mixed with water. They dry very fast. depending on if you added water with it, to thin, and it easier to spread it may be too thin and transparent. And it may not adhere well and eventually flak off. There are several different mediums you can add to the paint to paint on different surfaces or affects. There is a link so you can go see them. and the paint does not turn yellow as it dries. And once dry it can no longer be mixed with water. But you can clean up your brushes with soap and water. I find plain old Dawn works the best. There are special soaps for cleaning brushes. And they work great!

Modeling pastes are made to mix with the acrylics for the effects you desire. They come in white or nearly white/gray. They can be or maybe already mixed with sand for different effects.  Most pastes come with solids in them that will be them from cracking until they dry. They are very adhesive so wood, metal, glass particles, fabrics or small stones, can be embedded. So t is up to my own imagination on how to display your Painting so have fun and do 2 and 3D paintings. All kinds of things can be added to paint depending on what kind of painting you are doing.

Modeling Paste is easy to find and comes in a wide range of thick textures. They should be painted on thin and allowed to dry completely between layers to prevent cracking. Sand is a frequently used additive to modeling paste. window color paints are used for like making words as it is thick and leaves a hump of paint,  allow it to dry before painting over it. Cut the nozzle so the whole is a desirable size and write at a speed so the flow is consistent.  It may take several layers to cover it completely. Unless you want the color to show through.

Also, you can let it all dry and do a second layer of writing over it in a different direction the same but written differently so you can tell the difference. The final appearance of this project should be covered with a glaze. You can add a little color if you desire. It will give it more interest. Brush it on with a flat brush held close almost horizontal to the canvas.  I wish I could show you pictures. You also can use sand or tiny stones, use your imagination.  Painting can be mixed media these days So Play with it.

Other things they have for acrylics so you can play with it are Mediums or Modifiers. They influence the consistency and the painting properties of acrylic paint. Many companies make them. Liquitex is a big My links are working differently this morning. But that should be a link that takes you to Blick’s acrylic section. One I like to use when it comes to blending is a Retarder. It slows down the evaporation of the water so it dries slower and allows the time needed to blend the colors together that you want, like for a sunset or flower colors.

Then there are agents that do other things like thickening agents. That enables the painter to paint with a knife for brush impasto. These may or may not change to the color of the paint. They are called Modeling Paste. Which are good for using with spatulas, in collages, with fabric, pearls, wood, and reliefs. It is suggested that the are put on in thin layers and allowed to dry before another layer is added. Or cracking will develop. It is highly adhesive so you can stick almost anything you want on it. When finished sand and paint to the desired color.  Black lava Is a very unusual gel That contains ting hexagonal-shaped plastic particles and when dry does look like black lava rock. And looks good with many sand sea and shore paintings.  Light Texture pastes, clear texture gels, and other things from even a builder’s supply. If your painting is going to be heavy from the use of a lot of agents, then it is advised to be careful painting them on stretched canvas. Consider canvas on hardboard or plywood. You need stability under your creations. You don’t want the painting to fall off the canvas because of the movement.

Acrylic Mediums on sale in shops are usually pure acrylate emulsions or a high-quality binder. And make the cheapest acrylic paints better. it makes their adhesion better.

Varnishes Are what is used to protect the painting. After it is complete and totally dry a coat of varnish is added. I usually “live” with my paintings about 2 weeks before I decide it is done. Then I give it a mat finish usually 2 coats. A spray with a UV protectant. They also come in a satin finish. I have used brush-on varnish in the past. It was a satin finish. I didn’t like the brush strokes it left behind. It is up to you, you are the creator.


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The Fun of Pastels


Pastel is kind of a new form of painting if you want to call it that. You certainly can use your brushes or fingers, paper toweling, baby wipes. It is a beautiful art. and when you start a painting you would never know it is going to start out looking one way and end up totally different. You can jump right in and buy hard square pastel strips. And use your fingers to start the painting. Or you can make your own pastels from scratch. But we will leave that until later.

They come in several different kinds like hard, soft, oil, and pan pastels. To try it use the hard pastels. They come in vibrant colors are like a square piece of chalk. And there is pastel Paper that is “Glassman” paper that is good for flowers. Tape down your paper. Use the tape to make a nice border around the piece. And alcohol in a fine spritzer with paper towels or baby wipes with some alcohol in them. Work from the back color you have to look close to see it, dark to lights front to back. Realy rub in the colors where you need them. Some people use a sharp tip to draw the picture first. Then color it in and use the alcohol and Paper towels to rub it into the places it should go.

Once that is done and dried, then you can start the second coat that has more detail and lighter colors. Do it like you were doing any kind of painting. And more light coming through the trees. And the brighter color of the flowers. Dark grasses growing in the background. Darker leaves related to the flowers, or whatever you decide to paint.

Stems for grasses and flowers are done with the edges of the square pastel. Don’t forget the sky. You can’t leave it white. Use a pale blue and white and light gray for clouds. Now would be a good time to and dark or light in the centers of the flowers. Light on the tree branches exposed to semi-direct light. Think about where your light source is coming from. Lighten up some grasses and edges of flowers. Add a slight amount of white on hot edges. a great page to go to they tell a lot about Pastels is   Plus I found some great books that tell you all about it..

That page tells you all you need to make your own, pastels. And how to make them.  Another great site I found is Just copy and paste to visit them. Then come back and see me.  Books are a great way to learn pastels too.

I have many partners that I am affiliated with. And if you follow the links I will get a bit of commission. Which is how I keep the web site going. Also if you like my posts please like me, follow and share. And best of all Give me your email address Occasionally I have a coupon or give away that you will love. So don’t miss out on the next one!

Sidewalk art! This is the last thing I found out about pastel painting. And it is spectacular, imaginative, and extremely complex. I found it on the internet, of course.

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Do You Want to Become a Fine Art Painter?

If you have ever just tried oil painting and was turned off by it then you need to try it again. These tricks and tips to help you with your oil painting. And if you really want to you too can be a fine art painter with your own originals for sale. Oil painting is an interesting kind of painting with the use of Varnishes. Varnishes can be made from a combination of many oils. The most commonly used oils are linseed oil, poppyseed oil walnut, and safflower.  The oil

Making painting easier

If you have just tried oil Painting, and been turned off by it. Then here are some tips to help you out. It will make the learning process much more enjoyable.

1. The selection of your pallet is important. Remember earlier you were told to keep them in the same order. This will place them in the order then flow and convenience If you don’t like it you can change it later.

2. To make sure your oil paint is smooth, remember to buy a good quality set of brushes. I swear this is true. I bought cheap brushes at first and could not paint a thing. To get better ones and take good care of them.

3. To clean the brushes. To clean them properly, Make a mix of thinner and liquid soap. Dip the brush into the mix and wipe it off with newspaper. Then they will be clean and properly shaped for next time.

4. Some time sit can be confusing to check the right color combination of color you are using. This confusion can be cleared. If you get used to color value, like temperature intensity and hue. Right!Sounds even more confusing. For example orange stands for intensity, shades of red are best for hues and black is a choice for outlining.

5. Getting cracks in your paintings are common. Just follow a thinner layer of paint thinker layer of paint with aa thin coat.

6. Last but not least is never let your last layer dry in the dark. Put it in the light. Or a thin layer of oil will form over the painting.

Oil painting is an interesting kind of painting been popular since the 1300s in England. Back then painters usually preferred tempera over oils. They dried faster than the oils. Then in the 1500s artists began mixing Tempra with oils. Finally in the 1700th century when pure oil paints began being used as an art medium. There were a lot of benefits to using oil paints. some of them are:

1. The largest benefit of oil painting is anyone can do it with very little knowledge of how. The materials are very easy to pick up at any craft store. Even at Walmart now. The themes can vary, as far as the painter’s imagination can go, there is full freedom to use his creative skill can go while doing his painting.

2. Versatility is another benefit. Canvases lay flat as to not take up much room like ceramics, sculptors, or woodworking Unless it is wood burning. And that depends on what you are woodburning on. So they are easy to store and not fragile.

3. Oil painting requires much less time to dry than they use to. They are made up of pigments that are mixed in oil. Some people find this part of oil painting quite troublesome. But painting is an art that requires patience. so we must all learn this art form. Different Oils dry at different times.

4. Oil paints are also great for mixing well with the surrounding paint, so blending is easy to do. When applied to canvas it holds the artist brush strokes giving texture and depth to a painting.

5. With oil paints, you can mix with other solvents and apply a glaze to part or all of the painting. Which adds to glamour and beauty. Rarely are painting of any kind the same as mine. I like realism. In these modern days, people paint with bright colors, patterns, and illusions.

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Learn the Techniques of Oil Painting

Learning to oil paint is easy and exciting. They are much easier than sketching or acrylics watercolor. Once you are good at oil painting can use techniques that take painting far beyond regular standard techniques. Imagine doing special effects. But you have to start somewhere. So here are the fundamental basic painting need to knows. The different basic techniques are as follows:

Generally, to make an oil paint useable it needs to be thinned with a solvent like turpentine or sketched on the canvas with water-soluble pencils or charcoal. Some use acrylic paint. It is water-soluble you can apply the paints in layers.

Learn Glazing In Oil Paint

Glazing is a popular oil painting technique. when the painter uses a lot of the solvent in order to make the paint transparent, see-through all most. But the with the use of a lot of solvents means a longer drying time. In order to see if the painting is dry, all you must do is the”touch” test. So simple it all most makes me laugh. So you must be patient to wait a day then do the touch test if it is still sticky or tacky you much wait a few more hours. Then repeat.

Learn Impasto Oil Painting

Impasto is a technique when you put the paint on in thick using a brush or a knife. It is a simple thing that every artist must try. The results are unique and that is why it is a much-loved technique.

Learn Oil Painting with a Knife

This technique is common among adventurous artists. It is where the paint is put directly on the canvas with a knife. This is a fun thing for oil painting. Beginners can try this out subsequently. It is a wonderful way to warm up and get loose with your imagination oil painting.

Learn Ells Prima Painting

Oil painters who have less patience can try this kind of technique. In this style, you don’t do layers. And it can be done in one sitting. And you don’t have to worry about drying time.

Learn Present-day Oil Painting.

This is a direct style of an oil painting. it involves a direct application to the canvas without any prior planning or underpainting. It requires expert skill and is used primarily by skilled professional oil painters If you are interested in learning one of these more professional aspects of oil painting then study one at a time. And practice.

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[wpforms id=”3161″ title=”true” description=”true”]Adding Fiction to Your Oil Painting

If you love to fantasize then canvas oil painting is the perfect medium through which you can express yourself. It is the painting form of art which has the capability to give life to the unnatural phenomenon and Great oil painters throughout history have used this as a medium bring forth their thoughts and fictional ideas.

Adding a dash of Fiction

By adding a dash of fantasy to your oil painting you can create works of art that speak your mind as well as others. It can be rightly said that when fantasy finds its expression in oil painting then it becomes beautiful and thoughtful beyond words. Even in early Europe, oil painting was in vogue. At that time linseed oil was used in combination with other pigments to create a dramatic effect. Oil painting can be the medium of a painter’s with wandering thoughts. When a painter gives this kind of expression to his fantasy through the means of oil painting, a masterpiece gets created.

Themes for Oil Painting:

Fantasy and fiction subjects that are not real that’s where the fun arises. It often covers fiction, mythology, and mystic ideas or dreams, like visions from your own heads. It may be based on ancient folklore or legends. The painters of early time kept away from science fiction themes in oil painting. But more recent painters have included the science fiction in oil painting to create dramatic effects.


Space exploration is a favorite theme for oil and other painting. The sky becomes the perfect canvas for the artists where he can let his imagination go wild. The heavenly bodies and natural wonders like sun, moon, and the stars can all be depicted quite dramatically and artistically or boldly on the canvas using oil paints. The way the paint mixes, the colors. These all give a perfect platform to the painter to use his abstract thoughts.

Greek mythology consisting of old Egyptian, Old African, and Bible stories have always been a good start for oil painters. Oil painting depicting Gods and Goddesses have a beginning in oil painting. What I love the most are fairies, little people of the earth, and the magical mermaids. They provide a beautiful platform for the oil painters to user their fantasy and do magic when they paint.

I am fascinated by oil painting. Partly because I have never taught myself how to do it. I admire people who can oil paint. And the outcome of the paintings is generally something I cannot do with my acrylics. Now with the new water mixable oil paints, it decreases the dry time. So, then us impatient people may become interested in learning how to become an oil painter you to Female Angel Statuerselves.

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The new Art, ” Paint Pouring.”

I didn’t plan on doing the paint pouring myself. But I was seeing it all over you-tube. Some use 3 colors others use 30. You can use a colander or a funnel. A heat gun or hair dryer. The possibility is limitless. I believe it is trial and error. So it is best to watch a few on youtube. Decide what you like and then get your paint and supplies. You have to have a good place to possibly make a mess.

If you plan on becoming an acrylic pouring artist, You have to buy special paint and additives. Then get an idea that someone hasn’t tried yet and play with your technique until you get a design that is pleasing to the eye. Yes, watch you-tube to see what others are doing, then do your own thing. There is some pretty spectacular pouring out there. Beyond what I could have imagined. And that is what you what is for your mind not necessarily your eye to see.

Also, you have to have a place to do it. Like a shed are in the garage. Or if you are fortunate enough to have a room in your house set up for painting.  I would suggest it be a heated area because the paint works differently then it is cold. As you see on you-tube they use a shallow large tub or container. I think I would shop in a farm supply store. Then a couple of wooden dowels or PVC is fairly cheap. These 2 dowels need to be permanently fixed to the tub. To place your canvas or the object you plan on pouring on. and you are ready to go. EXCEPT you need to go to Blick Art or Utrecht Art Supplies for your supplies. It is so nice, pick it out, pay, then wait for a delivery in a few days. No dragging gallons of product to and from the car and to your studio. Blick has the “Deco Art Pouring Medium” that will transform acrylics for pouring. And “Blickrylic Student Acrylics” Also I found on some gadgets for paint pouring that I didn’t even know they made.If you click on them and go buy them I will get a bit of commission as I am an associate.

Sargent Acrylic Pouring Medium – Pouring Medium Kit   

This is a complete beginner set. the have tons of different materials to choose from and in almost as many sizes. The acrylic paint comes in up to a half gallon size. And there are a few different brands of the pouring medium to choose from. The ” what to paint on?” well look around Blicks Art Materials .com, you will find things you never even known were made for painting. In this case, I am a Blick’s associate. And will get a bit of commission if you buy this.

Then go to your favorite neighborhood dollar store to find fun items to use to get different effects in your designs. Make sure you know where you get it just in case it turns out to be a glorious painting and you want to repeat it to sell at an art fair.

Pouring Medium

Here are a couple of resources I found on Amazon. There are others to choose from also. I just typed in Paint pouring under Books and there the pop-up. I am an Amazon associate I earn from qualified book purchases
Yes! they have yarn!!!

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Giving back

I think it is always great to give back to the communities in which we live. And one thing that seems always to be cut is art programs in our local schools. Another is sports for the middle grades. And food for the children who may not get much for meals unless they are on free or reduced breakfasts and lunches in school. There is so much missing for our children. It seems other countries Strive to educate their children. Their grade averages far exceed ours. They encourage them to go to college or trade school after high school. But here in the USA, they are neglected. Children can’t fight for themselves. Nor should they. And how would they even know what to fight for?

I have one grandson who had ADHD and had to take medication to make it through the day. He was the sweetest boy, smart as a whip with a higher than average IQ just like his Mama. HE Always said he was going to be a Doctor since he was 3 years old. He had it all planned how he could get part of his college in high school. Then go into the military to get more college paid for. He couldn’t get the grades because he could not get organized to get his school work all done and handed in. But there wasn’t anyone to help him.

Then when he was older he was DX. with Autism spectrum disorder. Suddenly he didn’t get things mentally. It seemed to happen overnight. You could say if you do this naughty thing you will be punished by being grounded. Then he would be naughty when he was punished he could not figure out why. It made no sense to him. It was the first he had heard about it. He and his Mom would go around and around for hours. But no help really from the teacher, counselors, or anyone. He was left to struggle. It was like someone who could not swim being thrown into the deep end.

Then there is another little boy, a friend of the family. His Mother passed away in an accident when he was 3. He then was taken to another community to live with his Dad whom he had rarely seen. The boy could be really sweet, then turn and be the meanest child I had ever met. This was trouble in school. He told his teacher that good Danny was in there [ his head] but he wouldn’t let him out. Why would a child practically say he has a split personality, at 6 years old. It is getting worst. He tries to break his playmates and teachers fingers. Is sent to the principles office, and kicks and screams at him. He has been kicked out of school more than he has been in school. They did have a meeting after 2 weeks of this. They decided he needed to go to a special school. But it is too far away for his parents to drive morning and night. The other school closer to where they live MIGHT have an opening next year. No children counselors near to send him to. Nada!

So I have been on SS for a few years. I am starting my web store to help me with having enough money to pay my medical bills and upkeep on my house. What I plan on doing is donating to my local school. I will wait until I get enough. Like every 6 months and right out a check to our local elementary School for 10%. And I will donate acrylic painting sets for children to them if they think they can use them. I encourage you all tick a childrens charity and donate to them. We here at WA believe on paying it forward and helping out our fellow man , child in this case. Do what you can, the future is depending on us.

Thank You and God Bless, LauraG I’ll keep you posted.

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My dream for this store.

My idea is 10 fold. I want a place for all painters to come. To sell their creations, so we have professional paintings for sale, get their favorite supplies like canvases, brushes and many brands of paint, at reasonable prices , and trust. Trust that you are getting the supplies you ordered. Trust that the paintings are better than what you see on this high-quality format. Trust that all your information is secure.

Originally It was going to be Acrylic paintings and Oil paintings. I have decided to have a section on commission work that can be personalized to the individual receiving the gift. And watercolor paintings. I will have beginner acrylic painting sets, beginner oil painting sets, and watercolor sets. There will be supplies in other mediums. Because what is wrong with doing a mix of mediums on acrylic paintings. Mix it up. Use marker, pens, painting pens, or ink. It is your creation, do it. One of my favorite acrylic painters goes over some of his paintings with Oil Paints.

Commissioned work will be limited as to what we paint on. You pick the item and give us some idea of what small picture you would want to be put on it. An email including the picture would be needed. We would give you a bid prior to starting so you have an Idea as to cost. And we would require 50% down before we start. Then when it is done we can ship it to you or the person it is meant for.  that person if you desire. Small items are little wooden boxes, Christmas bulbs for all occasions, and wooden spoons. This is a new store and I plan on continued growth. Ideas are welcome. Leave comments at the bottom of the pages. We will see what we can do.

So sit back and relax. Find something that inspires you, and give it a try. Thank You, God bless. Don’t forget to share with your favorite social media. Mine is facebook and Pinterest.

Author Laura G

I grew up in the country. As a little girl thought everyone did. This reminds me of home.

Please leave your email and I will keep you updated as to what is going on at Garten Gallery Plus! Thank you, I will keep it private


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As a Beginner Painter, My Story

When I started painting I was painting on little wooden boxes and things I could find at the craft store. I had bought a painting magazine. I am sure there are at least one of those publications still out there. I got the cheapest paint I could find , little bottles from Walmart, and went for it. And it was fun, really fun. I tried to paint some samples from the magazine. I was totally hooked. And I always wanted to do more. So I got the painting magazine for an entire year.

At that time I was a woodworker of smaller products. I made boxes, benches, little chests and anything else I could paint on. Then when I ran across Donna Dewberry’s one stroke painting, that is when my painting improved. She taught me a lot about brush strokes. And painting was faster and easier. It was an important step in learning how to paint with acrylics.


All I wanted to do was practice acrylic Painting. I watched numerous different channels. And when I say watched I painted. I found out what type of paint to get. Some like the heavy body. It is smooth, thick and heavier so you can thin it down to the consistency you want. Or use it to make different textures. I used it to make the texture of elephant skin. Then there are the cheaper paints. Typically they are thinner, to begin with. I bought the heavier paint there are a couple of brands out there. But for other purposes, the thinner paint, not the cheapest is what I preferred. Art is art and I found we don’t have to stick to just one medium. we can use pencils, markers or paint brushes. And even use Oil paint over top acrylic paint. The biggest thing is practice. Learn the details of things. If that is what you want to paint. The more details are, the better for me. It can add hours to the painting project, but it is so worth it in the long run.

So my next step in my journey will be painting with oil paints and buying the proper brushes needed for oils. And I am sure there are many avenues I can take to learn oils. I like books so a couple of basic books would be great. The off to you-tube again. The other thing I do is watch for sales on canvases paint and brushes. But when this store is finished it will Be a Quick stop, shop and ship. 

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About Me

Welcome to my site. An all in one site to purchase amazing paintings from seasoned artists and everything you need to set up your own studio and take the plunge with painting yourself. I

I am a 62-year ago retired RN. I have been a crafter and a DIY-er my entire life and thrived on it. I taught myself to crochet at a young age. That is when I realized if a had the proper book I could teach myself anything. Over the years I have tried many aspects of crafting. I know how to knit but not well. It is too slow or I am . Even after, a German lady taught me how to do it the continental way. Ish!

I did wood working and build a shop that was 20 X 30 feet. I started making small Christmas trees and sled for the holiday season. Then worked my self up to large benches. I would make them out of weathered wood or beautiful new white pine. Some with a lift lid so you could store all you hats, mittens and scarves etc in there. Did some stenciling on them. They fit into the ” up north” theme here in MN. I would make wooden boxes and paint on them or do mosaics on the top. I really liked the mosaic and went on to make stepping stones, flower pots, and puppy grave site markers. Then I hurt myself and could no longer do the heavy work I had been doing. And was in bed due to the pain for years. Finally, a pain clinic saved my life by putting a ” pain pump ” in me. None of the pills did anything for my pain. But the pain pump puts the medicine right at the site of my pain. And the Angels sang! And so did I. I was no longer in the pain that kept me drugged up and not in touch with my family for years.

I still had that love for crafting. I knew it had to be lightweight and travel easily. So I started making jewelry with seed beads and small stones. The bracelets piled up. I made them faster that I could sell them or give them away. And still feeling like some thing was missing I started to paint. I did the Donna Dewberry ” One Stroke Painting”. And picked things up from other painters in books.

But I was finally introduced to You tube. I found numerous people who did videos and taught how to paint. I have had a few favorites over the years. Now I have been painting for several years. My friends and family tell me I am pretty good. Then other started seeing it and they liked it. I joined an Art Guild near my home. That got me in touch with other like-minded people. We do art shows around the area. And it is all in fun. I always had trouble ordering my art supplies. I came from a smaller town. No craft stores nearby. I did most of my ordering on line. But then I would get some from Michaels, Some at Hobby Lobby and some off eBay. I always wanted a one stop shop for painting supplies. If there is a need, make it. And that is what I plan on doing here. A one stop, shop and ship.

That is why I decided to start a Painting Gallery and studio supply store. When I finish this we will have the best of paints in all mediums. Including good brushes, easels, wrap canvases, and hardboard wrapped canvas. The hardboard with acrylics is so much easier to frame, no glass needed, and to ship. It really cuts down on the cost.

Share something about you life that is could be interesting and relevant to you niche here. (several paragraphs)



As a nurse I spent lots of time with people. Helping them in all kinds of ways. I have been a care taker to a sickly husband for years now  I can not help like I use to because of physical problems that slow me down. But if I can make painters lives easier , by being able to buy everything on one site. And help them be Beginner painters.That will make them and myself happier.

All my best,

Laura Garten

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