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As a Beginner Painter, My Story

When I started painting I was painting on little wooden boxes and things I could find at the craft store. I had bought a painting magazine. I am sure there are at least one of those publications still out there. I got the cheapest paint I could find , little bottles from Walmart, and went for it. And it was fun, really fun. I tried to paint some samples from the magazine. I was totally hooked. And I always wanted to do more. So I got the painting magazine for an entire year.

At that time I was a woodworker of smaller products. I made boxes, benches, little chests and anything else I could paint on. Then when I ran across Donna Dewberry’s one stroke painting, that is when my painting improved. She taught me a lot about brush strokes. And painting was faster and easier. It was an important step in learning how to paint with acrylics.


All I wanted to do was practice acrylic Painting. I watched numerous different channels. And when I say watched I painted. I found out what type of paint to get. Some like the heavy body. It is smooth, thick and heavier so you can thin it down to the consistency you want. Or use it to make different textures. I used it to make the texture of elephant skin. Then there are the cheaper paints. Typically they are thinner, to begin with. I bought the heavier paint there are a couple of brands out there. But for other purposes, the thinner paint, not the cheapest is what I preferred. Art is art and I found we don’t have to stick to just one medium. we can use pencils, markers or paint brushes. And even use Oil paint over top acrylic paint. The biggest thing is practice. Learn the details of things. If that is what you want to paint. The more details are, the better for me. It can add hours to the painting project, but it is so worth it in the long run.

So my next step in my journey will be painting with oil paints and buying the proper brushes needed for oils. And I am sure there are many avenues I can take to learn oils. I like books so a couple of basic books would be great. The off to you-tube again. The other thing I do is watch for sales on canvases paint and brushes. But when this store is finished it will Be a Quick stop, shop and ship. 

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