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Advantages to Painting with Acrylics.

There are advantages to painting with acrylics. They are easy to acquire at all craft or paint stores. Even Walmart carries some inexpensive brands. But I caution you on buying the cheapest ones there. My experience with them as they needed to be mixed. And it is hard to mix them in a plastic tube. So One side of the paint painted and then the other side was a squirt of water.

Here is a link to a video on the beginning painting. It is called “Pieces of my Heart.” Buy one and learn and enjoy the process as you go through it.

And because of the pigments in acrylics are mixed with water. They dry very fast. depending on if you added water with it, to thin, and it easier to spread it may be too thin and transparent. And it may not adhere well and eventually flak off. There are several different mediums you can add to the paint to paint on different surfaces or affects. There is a link so you can go see them. and the paint does not turn yellow as it dries. And once dry it can no longer be mixed with water. But you can clean up your brushes with soap and water. I find plain old Dawn works the best. There are special soaps for cleaning brushes. And they work great!

Modeling pastes are made to mix with the acrylics for the effects you desire. They come in white or nearly white/gray. They can be or maybe already mixed with sand for different effects.  Most pastes come with solids in them that will be them from cracking until they dry. They are very adhesive so wood, metal, glass particles, fabrics or small stones, can be embedded. So t is up to my own imagination on how to display your Painting so have fun and do 2 and 3D paintings. All kinds of things can be added to paint depending on what kind of painting you are doing.

Modeling Paste is easy to find and comes in a wide range of thick textures. They should be painted on thin and allowed to dry completely between layers to prevent cracking. Sand is a frequently used additive to modeling paste. window color paints are used for like making words as it is thick and leaves a hump of paint,  allow it to dry before painting over it. Cut the nozzle so the whole is a desirable size and write at a speed so the flow is consistent.  It may take several layers to cover it completely. Unless you want the color to show through.

Also, you can let it all dry and do a second layer of writing over it in a different direction the same but written differently so you can tell the difference. The final appearance of this project should be covered with a glaze. You can add a little color if you desire. It will give it more interest. Brush it on with a flat brush held close almost horizontal to the canvas.  I wish I could show you pictures. You also can use sand or tiny stones, use your imagination.  Painting can be mixed media these days So Play with it.

Other things they have for acrylics so you can play with it are Mediums or Modifiers. They influence the consistency and the painting properties of acrylic paint. Many companies make them. Liquitex is a big My links are working differently this morning. But that should be a link that takes you to Blick’s acrylic section. One I like to use when it comes to blending is a Retarder. It slows down the evaporation of the water so it dries slower and allows the time needed to blend the colors together that you want, like for a sunset or flower colors.

Then there are agents that do other things like thickening agents. That enables the painter to paint with a knife for brush impasto. These may or may not change to the color of the paint. They are called Modeling Paste. Which are good for using with spatulas, in collages, with fabric, pearls, wood, and reliefs. It is suggested that the are put on in thin layers and allowed to dry before another layer is added. Or cracking will develop. It is highly adhesive so you can stick almost anything you want on it. When finished sand and paint to the desired color.  Black lava Is a very unusual gel That contains ting hexagonal-shaped plastic particles and when dry does look like black lava rock. And looks good with many sand sea and shore paintings.  Light Texture pastes, clear texture gels, and other things from even a builder’s supply. If your painting is going to be heavy from the use of a lot of agents, then it is advised to be careful painting them on stretched canvas. Consider canvas on hardboard or plywood. You need stability under your creations. You don’t want the painting to fall off the canvas because of the movement.

Acrylic Mediums on sale in shops are usually pure acrylate emulsions or a high-quality binder. And make the cheapest acrylic paints better. it makes their adhesion better.

Varnishes Are what is used to protect the painting. After it is complete and totally dry a coat of varnish is added. I usually “live” with my paintings about 2 weeks before I decide it is done. Then I give it a mat finish usually 2 coats. A spray with a UV protectant. They also come in a satin finish. I have used brush-on varnish in the past. It was a satin finish. I didn’t like the brush strokes it left behind. It is up to you, you are the creator.


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