Acrylic paintings

An Old Barn

While driving down the road I always see old abandoned houses and barns. Left years ago unloved and unoccupied. It doesn’t take long and they start to look old and lean one way or the other. The paint peels and the boards start to rot and bow. Now recycled wood is a fad. Everyone wants some in their house as a feature wall or something. This painting is much larger than the picture shows. There is a huge pine tree on the left. It measures 16 X 20 inches 

7 thoughts on “Acrylic paintings

  1. This painting is excellent. I grew up with a mother who constantly painted and this really brings back some memories. The barn does as well. I like at an old farmhouse for a few years and spent a lot of time in the barn. 

    Your work is great and I can’t wait to check out the rest of your art!

    1. Thank you for your comments. It makes my heart sing when someone likes my work.

    2. Thank You for the compliments. It makes me so happy when someone likes my paintings. They are so much better in real life. Laura

  2. Thank you for sharing this picture. I love the way you use colors. I can also say that the scenery is really nice and calming. Do you get your inspiration from your nearby souroundings? Also the way you use colors remind me of Van Gogh. 

    Can your work be purchased on your website?

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Oh ! thank you so much for your lovely comments. Yes I currently have several paintings of mine in the site.  Just click on acrylic paintings and that should take you there. I am currently working on a secondary way of payment. I was using Strip, but they aren’t doing it anymore.

    2. Yes, So far I have only my work on my website. It is new and will have more artists work and painting supplies in the future.

    3. Yes they can be purchased. I have pay pal check out. I would be so proud if you would buy a painting. Thank you. Laura at

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