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About Me

Welcome to my site. An all in one site to purchase amazing paintings from seasoned artists and everything you need to set up your own studio and take the plunge with painting yourself. I

I am a 62-year ago retired RN. I have been a crafter and a DIY-er my entire life and thrived on it. I taught myself to crochet at a young age. That is when I realized if a had the proper book I could teach myself anything. Over the years I have tried many aspects of crafting. I know how to knit but not well. It is too slow or I am . Even after, a German lady taught me how to do it the continental way. Ish!

I did wood working and build a shop that was 20 X 30 feet. I started making small Christmas trees and sled for the holiday season. Then worked my self up to large benches. I would make them out of weathered wood or beautiful new white pine. Some with a lift lid so you could store all you hats, mittens and scarves etc in there. Did some stenciling on them. They fit into the ” up north” theme here in MN. I would make wooden boxes and paint on them or do mosaics on the top. I really liked the mosaic and went on to make stepping stones, flower pots, and puppy grave site markers. Then I hurt myself and could no longer do the heavy work I had been doing. And was in bed due to the pain for years. Finally, a pain clinic saved my life by putting a ” pain pump ” in me. None of the pills did anything for my pain. But the pain pump puts the medicine right at the site of my pain. And the Angels sang! And so did I. I was no longer in the pain that kept me drugged up and not in touch with my family for years.

I still had that love for crafting. I knew it had to be lightweight and travel easily. So I started making jewelry with seed beads and small stones. The bracelets piled up. I made them faster that I could sell them or give them away. And still feeling like some thing was missing I started to paint. I did the Donna Dewberry ” One Stroke Painting”. And picked things up from other painters in books.

But I was finally introduced to You tube. I found numerous people who did videos and taught how to paint. I have had a few favorites over the years. Now I have been painting for several years. My friends and family tell me I am pretty good. Then other started seeing it and they liked it. I joined an Art Guild near my home. That got me in touch with other like-minded people. We do art shows around the area. And it is all in fun. I always had trouble ordering my art supplies. I came from a smaller town. No craft stores nearby. I did most of my ordering on line. But then I would get some from Michaels, Some at Hobby Lobby and some off eBay. I always wanted a one stop shop for painting supplies. If there is a need, make it. And that is what I plan on doing here. A one stop, shop and ship.

That is why I decided to start a Painting Gallery and studio supply store. When I finish this we will have the best of paints in all mediums. Including good brushes, easels, wrap canvases, and hardboard wrapped canvas. The hardboard with acrylics is so much easier to frame, no glass needed, and to ship. It really cuts down on the cost.

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As a nurse I spent lots of time with people. Helping them in all kinds of ways. I have been a care taker to a sickly husband for years now  I can not help like I use to because of physical problems that slow me down. But if I can make painters lives easier , by being able to buy everything on one site. And help them be Beginner painters.That will make them and myself happier.

All my best,

Laura Garten

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